Cloud-Hosting Provider Continues Restoration Efforts, Post Holiday Ransomware Attack

Ransomware Attacks Cloud-Hosting Provider, Data Resolution

Data Resolution, a business and government cloud-hosting provider has reported suffering a ransomware attack on December 24, 2018.  Data Resolutions was hit with the same ransomware variant, deemed Ryuk, as what took down the Tribune Publishing over the weekend.  In an effort not to pay the ransom demands, the company is attempting to restore their systems through backup files.  This is, however, taking a bit of time.  Therefore, the company’s networks are still not fully operational.

The San Juan Capistrano, California based company serves approximately 30,000 businesses worldwide, offering various services from software hosting to business continuity systems.

Although the organization reported feeling confident the ransomware attack did not compromise data, Brian Krebs, from Krebs on Security, is less than convinced.  He stated,

“I can’t even see how they could say yet with confidence that data wasn’t taken, when they’re still focused on restoring service.”

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