PC Matic Partners Seek Improvements Within UI and UE

Our team has proven to take all of our partner’s feedback seriously, and we strive to make our management portal, user interface, and user experiences the best possible.  Below are some of the changes we’ve made throughout the fourth quarter of 2018.

RDP Security

After implementing the Endpoint Vulnerabilities report, our team began researching ways to automatically keep your devices more secure even if RDP is still enabled on the device. To accomplish this, we are automatically setting the account lockout threshold within Windows to 10 attempts within 5 minutes. This helps to deter brute force attempts on your account login and will most likely never interrupt normal use.

Blocked Status Improvements

The Blocked Status Info tab proved to provide a valuable resource after it’s initial launch into the management console; however, we received user feedback to improve it even further. With new PC Matic Research filters at the top of the report, it now loads showing just unknown applications that were blocked in your environment. This gives you quick access to the applications you may need to locally whitelist and a simple drop-down menu to accomplish it.

Console Customizations

We want managing PC Matic MSP and Pro to be a customizable experience so that you can tailor different aspects to fit your workflow. More customizable areas will follow throughout 2019, but our team has begun by adding the ability to remember view preferences. The following will save the last state for each user login: the last active tab, expanded or unexpanded state of the Options panel, hidden or shown device gauges, and device view and filter.

Device Manager Improvements

PC Matic MSP and Pro’s Device Manager is our primary tool for larger environments to bulk push installations over their network. To improve it’s reliability and success rate on install attempts our team has released a number of fixes and features to the tool. Within the management console, an Admin Credential can now be set for the Device Manager service which elevates the permissions and drastically improves install success rates. In addition, if for some reason the primary method of deployment via remote PowerShell fails, two fallbacks have been added using PsExec and RemoteWMI.

Learning Mode

We have begun to transition SuperShield’s Diagnostic Mode to Learning Mode. Our team has been hard at work on making Learning Mode even easier to understand and use during the initial installation process. During 2019 we plan to take Learning Mode even further by helping to automate the process. Initial installs will automatically begin in Learning Mode and automatically return themselves to SuperShield Protection once the learning phase is complete.

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