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Ransomware Infection Went Beyond Corrupting Patient Files

Ransomware Infection Encrypted and Altered Medical Files

An unknown ransomware variant recently infiltrated the Podiatric Offices of Bobby Yee, located in Salinas, California.  Unlike traditional ransomware infections, hackers took the cyber attack to further extremes by not only encrypting files but also potentially altering them.  Some of the altered data included patient names, social security numbers, health insurance policy details, medical records, birth dates, phone numbers, and addresses. Officials have stressed, no evidence has been found that any data was improperly removed from the servers or viewed by unauthorized parties.

Officials stated,

“Once we became aware, we promptly took steps to protect your personal information and to determine the nature and scope of the issue.  If there is indeed any alteration or corruption of your personal information, we may need to reconfirm or reconstruct the information, including your medical information.”

Other Attacks

For a list of ransomware attacks that took place in 2018, click here. We have also created a map, see below, of the U.S. ransomware attacks.

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