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Microsoft Will End Support for Windows 7 in 2020

Microsoft has released plans to end support for Windows 7 on January 14, 2020.

What Does this Mean?

The end of life (EOL) of Windows 7 means Microsoft will no longer provide any security patches, software updates, or customer support to Windows 7 operating system (OS) users.  Fortunately, users have plenty of time to update their systems to Windows 10.  For many home users, updating to Windows 10 will not be a major issue.  Businesses, however, may face larger complications.

As some may know, moving a business over to an entirely new operating systems may lead to major complications.  This may be due to legacy systems that aren’t compatible with Windows 10, training new employees on the new system, ensuring IT staff is available for the actual transition as well as the transition period, and the cost associated with all of the above.  In addition, some of the recent Windows 10 updates have created more problems than benefits.  This in itself has left businesses in no rush to migrate to this particular OS.

Unfortunately, there are few options available for these businesses running Windows 7.

Windows 7 User Options

Just because Microsoft is no longer supporting the OS, doesn’t mean it will stop working.  Therefore, users can continue running the OS, but at their own risk.  The lack of support means security patches and updates will not be available.  Therefore, all known security vulnerabilities that are typically patched by Microsoft, will be left exposed, creating a security risk.

If users opt to keep Windows 7, their best line of defense will be using an application whitelist as their primary method of malware detection.  The whitelist will not patch the known security holes but will prevent all malicious executables from running on the device.  Therefore, if a hacker attempts to exploit these known security gaps by installing malware — the whitelist will not allow it to run, as it is not a known safe program.

The second option is for users to pay for extended Microsoft support.  To determine the cost associated with this, users are encouraged to contact Microsoft directly.

Lastly, users can develop and implement a plan to transition their PCs from Windows 7 to Windows 10.  Even if this option is chosen, an application whitelist security solution should still be implemented to effectively thwart malware attacks and keep data and endpoints secure.

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72 thoughts on “Microsoft Will End Support for Windows 7 in 2020”

  1. After the 1/15/2020 kill date for Windows 7, I have noticed the two Win 7 machines lock up for no reason. I think it’s a type of malware built in to Win 7 to force you to move to Win 10. Does anyone here notice that too?

  2. What legal rights do we have? When the auto makers sell a defective product they have to go to the expense and trouble of issuing a recall and pay to fix the problem. Why not Microsoft? I still have XP and 7 on working computers, and a newer unit with Windows 10 that is too much trouble to use. What about a class action lawsuit? Microsoft has cost us a lot of time, trouble and expense by forcing us to stop using their good products and switch to their garbage ones.

    1. I agree I hate windows 10 they made the automatic updates on purpose to purge your information – security my a** !! why else would Microsoft come up with NEWSGUARD ? big tech giants are out of control and people better open their eyes and ears and start speaking up about it !! Free speech and 1st Amendment rights are being stolen day by day by these multimillion lying scumbags information Soro’s nazi cyber police I am sick of it – use Duckduck.go stay away from google, twitter fakebook etc… stop making it easy for them to steal your information while they steal your right to free speech !! WAKE UP AMERICA !!

  3. It has taken a while to get used to windows 10, but I have grown to like it. In fact its the same process as previous releases, initial reluctance too adopt followed by a slow acceptance. I even have a windows 10 mobile launcher for android. Its cured my old fat finger syndrome. Your rejection or acceptance will depend on your investment in 7 or earlier. Systems develop……embrace it.


  5. I use XP on several older work horse machines and win7 on four other units. After win7 they could have stopped right there but they seem to have forgotten the k.i.s.s principle! I have had pcmatic evergreen for many years with no issues what so ever. I tried several Linux distros and find them to be annoying and cumbersome. I gotta give M$ credit, though, they have a very good collection of everyday use software. ymmv!

  6. windows 10 is a F——G DISASTER…We have 2 computers that were totally destroyed and cost over $400.00 to get repaired..not one damned word from Microsoft about the problem or finsncial help….They are the worst crooks in the world…we are all victums of their monopoly in the computer world they don’t have to answer to anyone for their misdeeds….we need someone to help us against these bastsrds..but who?

  7. I am in the process of transitioning from Windows 7 to Linux (Ubuntu). This is not because I don’t like Windows 7, it is because I believe that Microsoft will do what it can to make Windows 7 more and more useless.
    Yes, switching to Linux and all its “windows-like software” presents a large learning curve, but that learning curve is tiny compared to the tremendous effort I have put into learning Microsoft’s various versions, deviations and manipulations over the years.
    To date, my experience with Linux Ubuntu has been eye-opening and productive.
    Who needs Microsoft? Not me!

  8. I used the free update to win 10 when it first became available. I was working as a DJ. The graphics didn’t work properly with my expensive DJ software. After two days of frustration and concern about losing income, I switched back to win 7.. I don’t ever plan to use win 10. i hope there will be a solution forthcoming for win 7 users!

  9. When I bought a new pc about 5 yrs ago, it had Windows 7 with the tile nonsense at startup. The first thing I did was figure out how to get it into Windows 98 ‘mode’ so I could just carry on with where I left off by importing all my old files & applications ! I haven’t seen a tile since then except for the attempts of the system to throw me back into that mode by rolling the touch screen down when I’m not looking. I think I have that under control now, and I have the eye of the camera covered too ! These people seem not to understand we have stuff to DO on our machines, we do not need anything but a background system that let’s us run what WE want to run – not stupid Windows choice ! Ugh – give it up MS – you are more of a nuisance than you are worth. Now I have just one year with what I now have, I will start looking for what my next system will have to be, but if it has no ‘run in 98 mode’ option I will not buy it !!! I do have a virtual Linux ‘box’ on my pc, but altho simple to use, I get annoyed at its’ interface, so I have not used it since my original purpose in installing it.

    1. @Veronica: go to Linux, there a quite a few different Desktop environments available to suit all tastes, including similar to the old windows 98 desktop. I have been using Linux as my main OS for the last 15 years and nothing would ever entice me to ever go back to a Microsoft OS. Try Linux Mint with the Cinnamon desktop or the mate desktop, both should suit you.

    2. @Veronica: If I had time over again, I would have changed to the Linux platform ages ago. I run a flavour of LinuxMint on an 18yr old laptop that would have kicked its heels up with any MS OS above XP. I needed no extra drivers, it run straight out of the box. Also run LinuxMint as dual boot on HP Compaq with no problems. Only issue is, I have a program that I use that is dependant on an MS platform, so I have been hanging onto Win7 for that purpose.

  10. I have worked in IT for many years from Windows 3.1 right up to Windows 10s, the two best operating systems ever created was Windows XP and Windows 7 so what do Microsoft do pull the plug, such short-sighted actions are all too prevalent in the IT sector where corporate OS developers like Microsoft seldom listen to the customers who they are selling their products to. Some older machines running quite effectively and securely under Windows 7 might not be compatible with Windows 10 placing an undue financial strain on individuals and companies alike, but as we know companies like Microsoft adopt and make make blasé, arbitrary decisions with little or no recourse to the customers whom they purport to serve so why should we be surprised !

    1. @MIKE GRANT: Right on Mike, I for one am sick and tired of the Microsoft eco system. With so many techies, so many ‘brains’ out there in silicon valley, why can’t a group of programmers sit down, once and for all, and write a O/S that runs everything Windows does, and is open source? I am sick of Linux. That hoarse died a longtime ago. I want an O/S that can run all of the applications that run on Windows and have robust security features and be open source or at the very minimum, low cost to the consumer.

    2. @MIKE GRANT:

      I am 77 years old but know enough to keep a pc running. I loved XP and when that one gave up the ghost, I would up with Windows 7 which I like because of its known security.
      I had a laptop with 8.1 on it and like an idiot I upgraded to 10. Both were so bad I went back to 7.
      If I had my druthers, I would like to try a MAC as I know they are secure, at least that is what I have heard.
      Your thoughts

    3. @MIKE GRANT:
      I agree…Win XP and Win 7 were by far the best operating systems I have used. Win XP was even more stable than Win 7. I am running a 32-bit version of Win 7 Pro on my current PC. Everything was fine until Microsoft automatically updated my system back around Dec. 11th or 12th. The update prevented windows from booting leaving me with a dark screen. I managed to find a message that Windows Explorer was prevented from starting by the update. I was forced to roll back my machine to a previous known time when it worked and Turn Windows Update OFF!!! So now Microsoft has ended their support for me a whole year early!
      My longtime solution to this is to run Win 7 on a machine that is not connected to the internet.
      I’m no programmer and compared to most of you, I’m probably classified as ignorant, even though my first computer was a Commodore 64. I have somehow managed to use these machines through the years.
      I’m a retired plumber by trade and I found one indispensable program that I couldn’t live without. It was Windows Draw 6.0 made by Micrografx in Richardson, Texas. It was a 16-bit program that would only run on 16 or 32 bit machines. It ran wonderfully under XP and Win 7 32-bit. Microsoft offered the Virtual PC fix which emulated XP and worked on 64-bit Win 7 machines, but alas, it’s no longer available. I’m stuck with running in on my Win 7 32-bit machine.
      I remain totally frustrated with Microsoft. I’m tired of trying to speak English with a person from India who I cannot understand (at 76 I’m a little hard of hearing).

  11. I hate windows 10, I’m already running linux mint on my laptop guess my pc will also be going to linux hec I preffer it anyways so **** Microsoft.

  12. Personally, I would like to see Microsoft nuked off the planet. I had to re-purchase a large number of new software when I migrated from XP to 7. Microsoft do not give a s–t about the consumer, only their profits.

  13. I’m still using XP, everyday. Have all the parts to build two dyi-pc’s, one for “everyday” and a gaming-super-pc. Will be using Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit on these for the next several years at least. Microsoft doesn’t support jack-s*/&t, never has, and never will. I hope the gaming studios, steam, and the rest of the “gaming community” start listening to the anti-windows–groundswell, i.e, start moving their games off of windows to Linux, and other non-windows op. systems that still run-on Intel/AMD-based systems. I’m not an Apple fan…..sorry….to me, they’re as bad as microsoft. OH yeah, I’m an evergreen PC-matic member that stopped using it because of so many problems that pc-matic had running on XP. I may try it with Win.7.

  14. MS crashed my XP PC machine and didn’t helpfix it, didn’t need them for Vista, don’t need MS for my Windows 7, PC Matic takes care of my security needs…

  15. I actually like windows 10., but I still keep windows xp pro on a different partition. I love money 98 and have all my annual check books since 1999 but windows 10 doesn’t read money98. The interface for windows 10 is pretty to look at and enjoy the the opening apps that display news and emails on my screen just as my iPhone 7 does for me which I use 90% of my working day.



  17. I have an old Windows 7 laptop & a Windows XP laptop that work fine. I have a 2 Windows 10 laptops, one upgraded from Windows 8.1, that are now messed up due to recent Win 10 updates. One no longer connects to the internet, telling me that the adapter is missing. I have downloaded & installed it from the laptop manufacturer 12 times & it still tells me it’s not there. The other laptop installed an update the beginning of December & shut down. When I tried to start it up, it showed a blue screen with the words:
    Installing Updates
    100% Complete
    Do Not Turn Computer Off

    Contacted Microsoft regarding this issue & they can’t even help me. Two months & this computer is unusable, thanks to their updates. I have a program which I use a lot & cannot repurchase on this laptop. My wife has now switched to a Mac & refuses to use Win 10. I may do the same thing & kiss Microsoft goodbye.

  18. I switched to Ubuntu two years ago when Microsoft was forcing people to upgrade to Windows 10. Every once in awhile I get the itch to put Windows on a quarantined boot disk where it won’t assault Linux (Windows inactivates Linux if it finds GRUB around.) but I’ve been so happy with Ubuntu that I’ve never got around to it. Windows is all about nostalgia and not about the best way to manage MY computer.

  19. When my wife’s Win 7 laptop finally wore out last year, we were forced to buy a new Lenovo laptop with Win 10 on it, as there were none available with Win 7. Windows 10 was a nightmare from the very first moment, just as all the reviews for that laptop said it would be– and it’s NOT the Lenovo laptop’s problem– the “problem” is Windows 10. It’s a non-intuitive nightmare just to try to control, find where your files are (or went…), heck, I had trouble even finding a “Power” on-screen button to select “Restart”– waaaay too many keystrokes to get where you want, and it constantly takes you places you DON’T want even if you “hover” over an icon for just a second or two, and THEN it takes you all the way back out of all the menus you had delved into, so you have to start over again. The constant “Win 10 Updates” were also a nightmare, it’s “intrusive”, and, oh yes, MicroSoft DOES sneak in and change your Security Settings to allow it to “update” your system, even if you have them set to disallow automatic updates. After constant frustration with Win 10, she began using the “Classic Shell” program to restore logical functionality to it by restoring the User Interface to resemble Windows 7– but even THAT has now been “killed” by the ever-greedy, always-user-abusive MicroSoft. So now, despite me searching for a viable UI that resembles Classic Shell, and not finding one yet, as of yesterday, today, I learn that MS will be “discontinuing” support for Win 7 in 2020, which my ever-reliable desktop “tower” uses. My son built this desktop from parts, mainly from New Egg Inc., so we can do it again if we have to– but THIS time we’re gonna build a Linux machine, and join the Linux community, I guess. All of us hate the cumbersome, user-hostile, and silly-ass UI of Win 10, which is loaded with all sorts of frilly crap “apps” that I would never even bother to use, but is also cumbersome and non-cooperative when it comes time to do “real-life” PC work. My wife may end up grudgingly accepting awful Win 10, as she has no choice, for now, though she had me looking for Win 7Pro licenses last night. For me, at least, I’m not gonna play MicroSoft’s game, but “upgrade” to a non-MS product when time comes for a “Big Change”– in the meantime, I will very happily run Win 7. I have YET to meet even ONE person that “likes” Windows 10, despite MS’s propaganda that it’s “…Giving users what they want…”– Bullsh**!. They’re forcing whatever crap they make down our throats, and telling us there’s something wrong with US if we don’t like it. I have a close friend that worked Tech Support for Dell for over a dozen years, who says that he’s refused every single Windows 7 “update” for the past 3 years, and is still working fine (he’s not a Win 10 fan either, obviously…) My fear is that sneaky, greedy, dictatorial MicroSoft will put out some “poison pill” that will suddenly kill Win 7, in much the way that my wife’s NEW laptop, running Win 10, was “killed” a few months ago by a big Win 10 Update that locked her laptop in “Airplane” mode, with no possible remedy, along with at least several hundred others that chimed in during the week following that “update”. After weeks of frustration, we had to pay a computer tech company $293.00 to get down to the problem and fix it. We like her Lenovo laptop, but hate Win 10 even more now. The only reason I even found this website is because I was searching just last night for a Windows 7 Pro License, or at least some form of Classic Shell for her laptop, and also probably ’cause I’m a very satisfied PCMatic customer for the past 3 years. ‘Love PCMatic, Love Lenovo, Love my New Egg “Tower” Homemade machine, Love Win 7; HATE Win 10 and MS in general. In the future, I’ll probably write about loving Linux as well, but you can be sure that I’ll still be hating MicroSoft…

  20. Interested in stopping MS (More Sh**) from pushing Win 10? Boycott it and boycott every advertiser who pops up. Go to the advertiser’s websites and comment about this forced marketing venue; complain, complain and complain and then just as it works for any bureaucracy, the squeaky wheel gets the grease. Google is also guilty of this. When using Gmail I was getting the same pop-ups, which interfere with what I am doing on the internet and slowing down my computer response time and freezing up. I have since changed my email address to protonmail that encrypts all mail coming in and going out. There is a “free version”, but the pay version has a modest cost with of course more features, but the main attraction is no advertising. The reason protonmail can offer a “free version” is that of those who opt to pay the annual fee. I also recommend getting “cclean”. Whenever we leave the internet there are residual programs stuck in our computers. With “cclean”, when leaving the internet, a window pops up to clean up the mess google leaves behind, then rebooting is faster.

    There is another problem that is looming in regards to internet use. China has a system called “dragonfly”, for which is being considered for all internet users, because of all the free-thinking information that is available. The New World Order does not want free-thinkers. The entire planet is under some form of slavery, but when cutting off the supply of information, or making it so only those with deep pockets will be able to access all information, we will lose all semblance of freedom. We have two options 1) We cannot allow a few internet providers control what we see on the internet, and dragonfly will control access. 2) set up our own servers. There is a third option, but one that will be subject to corruption, government control. Anything the government controls is subject to corruption, which is nearly everything. There are only two functions of the organic United States Government, the defense of our national borders and trade. The United States did well without the bureaucratic mess we allowed to take place ever since FDR. It seems that even our bureaucracies are derelict in their duties to protect us because our food lacks nutrition, and full of poisons, for which necessitates the need for health care. Why do you think cancer and other many ailments are on the rise, despite medical advances? Doctors are no better than the education they receive, and none of them, with the exception of alternative medicine, are qualified to advise about nutrition. So-called “Health Care” is an industry that produces profits, for which cancer is their largest profit maker. There are both cures and preventions that the medical industry and government have closed the doors…follow the money!!!


    This whole thing is about forced obsolescence by MS. I was very happy with XP system & had to buy Windows 8 system when XP was no longer supported. Made the wrong move when I upgraded to Windows10. Converted system to a virtual billboard & you have to pay to disable advertising. It sucks!

      Just a comment. I teach myself to close and ignore advertising. In fact, I became so obsessed with this approach, that any time I see an add, recommendation, logo, or even a personal comment, I intentionally ignore it. It is difficult to do at first and apparently impossible for my g-kids. It becomes an activist response like raising a fist. The one benefit to me is that I spend very little time trying to disable advertising. I have become an extremist about ignoring it. Also, I must admit that I still by most of my clothes and house hold furnishings at Goodwill. I regularly maintain my autos with a local, family auto repair shop. And I drive my cars until they exceed 200,000 miles. My current wagon has standard transmission, no backup video camera, and no built in GPS (which I can get from my phone). I have the sense that ours are the concerns of great privilege. The themes of control, free information, etc. are paramount. And it is interesting that we are looking to corporations to honor this freedom as part of their marketing and promotional strategy. Rock and a hard place if you ask me.

  22. Win 10 is garbage with the forced update. I use Win 7 on this computer , plus Cinnamon Mint.
    And the other with Win 10 is split and loaded with Ubuntu. Linux loads and shuts down quick. Wish phones had Linux instead of Google globalist crap.

  23. I went from Windows XP directly to Windows 10. Windows XP had a way of bogging down after a while and I frequently had to reinstall. Windows !0 represented a major improvement in stability for me. However, after updating the first time, I was plagued with BSODs of every description while watching online videos. I bought a copy of Windows 7 Pro recently and dual booted it with Win 10, and have not used Windows 10 since!
    I intend to continue using it until Windows 10 becomes more Youtube friendly.

  24. I dislike Win 10 because of the forced updates and the cluttered confusing desktop menuing. When I bought a new laptop and a new PC several years ago, I specified Win 7, which I love. I will keep with Win 7 until my apps no longer work with it. At that point I might switch to Apple.

  25. When I finally figured out 98, I loved it. I could do anything I wanted. The internet was useful then, I could research and find anything I wanted. Then they “killed” 98 and I had to get WIN7.(didn’t do XP) Like to have never figured it out! But do just fine now. The internet “sucks” now, all just a bunch of advertising, etc., can’t find what you want, just endless list of “wrong” websites and now, MS is going to “kill” 2000! Don’t they have enough money yet, already?! I don’t care how much the Gates do for charity, enough is enough. I can’t afford to upgrade to WIN10 and I know a lot of folks who can’t, because of cost and having to learn something all over again. Its not just about business, its also about the little “guy” out here who use it to keep up with family and pay bills! And maybe sell a few things online to earn a few extra $’s. I will go back to mailing bills with the Post Office! I am sure the PO will thank MS for the increase in business!! Stop already MS and do what is needed to support WIN7 for those loyal customers out here. We are the reason you are where you are today!

  26. Microsoft is driving the Linux train haha… Let them keep on losing users until they shake up their thinking and stop nobbling windows. Then, with any luck, they’ll change course and come out with a brand new OS that’s built for purpose with all the user sovereignty of XP AND all the current requirements for full functionality.

    I’ve tried Win 10, I really have, but it drives me nuts. I can’t get much work done with it. The way simple but esential funtions work ( or don’t work ) is headbangingly infuriating. Try searching a folder tree for something and ten minutes later you still can’t find it.

    It seems to me that MS thinks an OS only needs to serve the purposes of sheep grazing the internet. No thank you Mr Microsoft, you are the idiot, not me. It’s ok to design an OS for people who are clueless, but please, please, have one for people who want to get work done too. Go back and have another look at XP. See how practically useful it was, then come up with a new system that’s as useful as that. Can’t be too hard to do, if you wanted to.

  27. I have win XP pro on my desktop, it still goes online fine. I have win 7 on my laptop, I did the free upgrade to win 10, there was no drivers for my video, and it loaded basic drivers for the rest. I did not like the look, spyware, and no apps or games I have would work on it. I went back to win 7, after I had to replace my Harddrive, it quit working when I clicked on go back, the built in app to go back to win 7 (in the free upgrade). I will not buy another PC, to satisfy MS.. I will not go to win 10, I would rather go to linux, at least they have a program to run win apps and games. this win 10 is nothing but a spyware OS for MS. it’s the last OS, and any major updates, you have to pay, like give me money to use your PC. no thanks.

  28. I think I’ve used every operating system MS has ever put out, from DOS to Win10. In my opinion Win7 was the best ever, although a toss-up with XP.
    Win10 is too open to every body and everything and I spend more time fixing problems with the operating system, than I do working. It seems that Win10 is nothing but an advertising nightmare… They even pop up when I’m online with my Broker trying to trade stocks. I use Nortons, but I still don’t know how save I am.

  29. I have win7 on my laptop and dual boot with linux.

    According tot he MS Advisor program it says my hardware is NOT compatible with Windows 10.
    As most know, it is almost impossible to upgrade most things on a laptop.

    I keep win7 around to fix cross linked files and 2-3 programs I like (Solitaire, Hearts, Spider Solitaire are the main ones).

    I use Linux most of the time – generally fast, almost no problems, works great.

    I would like to keep using my Win7 for as long as possible as an equivalent laptop would cost $1500 today which I am not willing to spend that much.

    Heck I still have and use XP Pro (because ONE lousy program doesn’t work on Win7).
    If Win10 didn’t spy on people and try to control YOUR hardware that YOU OWN, as well as make it backward compatible with programs that run XP/Win7. it might be worth a try.

    I despise sneaky operating systems and browsers that like to steal my info, hardwre ID’s, location, etc.

  30. I used to teach computer use to older users – still help a few; Love Win 7, but don’t care to use the Win 10 I have on a laptop – complicates things too much, especially Outlook. Please keep Win 7 supported. Even upgrade it gradually, but don’t lose its essential OS. Joan – in London, UK.

  31. I am in UK. Loved XP Pro, love Win7 Pro. Have Win 10 on a laptop but secretary uses it – reluctantly, not I. I don’t WANT to change again. Used to teach computer use to older people. Tried keeping up with everything, but that’s now impossible – so don’t teach any more. Please keep win 7 going. It works. Win 10 still doesn’t always.

  32. I use a BOSS digital recorder for recording songs I write. Works fine transferring files on Windows 7 but won’t transfer files to Windows 10. The recording hardware is now a ‘mature’ product and no more patches or updates will be coming so I am forced to have a Windows 7 machine to transfer the songs to. I like Windows 7 better anyway so I’ll just be forced to keep Windows 7 or buy a different and newer digital recorder.

  33. So, Microsoft couldn’t finally resist giving in to making a lot of money by forcing reliable customers to upgrade to 10. I am going to check on their price to continue for extended service for 7. If not then good-bye Microsoft. I have tried 10 and it is a disaster ready to happen on a daily basis.

    1. @Bob: Microsoft will end up loosing a bunch of customers before its over. I guess they haven’t noticed how much more popular Apple has become. If you have to make a a BIG change then maybe it’s time to go first class!!! I know I’m going to consider it. Gates must be getting too big for his pants…

  34. Microsoft,Give W7 a break! Isn’t enough we have to put up with the politics of someone emulating a dictator? Please be part of the majority of people who this time MUST choose from freedom of of choice or “do it or” adage.. We would then show to America who can be a true great…
    Thank you.

    1. @Chris: I9 too did the free upgrade to 10, but hated it!. i was working as a KJ at the time.The graphics wouldn’t work properly with my expensive software.. After just two days I returned to win 7! That was6 years ago. i’ll continue using 7 as long as i can.

  35. On 2/1/2015. I watching TV and a commercial with Randy White came on. Selling your PC Matic, PC matic Home-5 installations-Evergreen. Have orginal order sheet with License Key: Transaction ID: It was $150.00 for ever. Status (P).
    Do I still have the privilege of using your product on my two computers with windows 10. Please advise PC Pitstop, Matic etc…
    R M

  36. I have Windows 7 Professional SP1…Windows XP SP3 Professional…and Windows 2000 Professional on 3 PCs….and they all browse the Internet just fine….and they are all USER-FRIENDLY with all my favorite apps….I’d like to keep it that way for as long as I can…..will avoid Win 10 until it’s a last resort

  37. My windows vista died in October (I think it was October). If I buy a new computer with windows 10, how long will Microsoft keep it in operation before it dies, too. I’m thinking about continuing to use just my iPad until Microsoft comes out with a new version. Does anyone know how long that will be?

    1. @Regina: In reading information about Win 10 … MS says it is not planning on any other version, at this time. They plan on updating as Google does with Chrome, MS does with MS Edge and Firefox is doing with its browser. So, they think that by doing routine updates Win 10 will always be current. Now, we all know how MS changes their mind about how they will do things in the future, so for those with Win 10 already … It is simply updated routinely.

      I think I can safely say … Win 10 has monstrous codes to this version. Each version of the MS Operating System is bigger than the last one. I think it’s because they are still “building” on older codes.

  38. I have been using Windows 7 since it was made available, and I have resisted going to Windows 10 because of so many complaints about it, both nationally and in my circle of friends. I am 92 years old, so I am going to play a game I will call “Who Dies First”. Windows 7 will be sick at Microsoft now until it finally dies but until it can no longer be compatible with the internet, I will keep 7 – until I go, too. Actually, I may be outlasted by 7. In either case, I prefer Windows 7 for its ease of use, once past the learning curve, and its protection by various security sources.

  39. When my old computer with Windows 7 died, Windows 10 was on this computer when I bought it, I had nothing but frustration with Windows 10 for 2 years, I finally had to pay to have Windows 7 put in this computer. No more problems or frustration Windows 7 is the best, I will never use the POS Windows 10 again. Microsoft you’re making a big mistake not supporting Windows 7 after 2020.

    1. I love 7 and resisted going to 10 from what I heard and seen. Since I have no choice I would hope that Microsoft would give us 7 users a free copy.

      1. @Fred G: Sorry but MS did give the Win 7, Win 8 & Win 8.1 a free copy or as MS called it … An Upgrade to Windows 10. The whole process was done over a year period, from July 2015 to June 2016. If you didn’t upgrade during that period, you honestly “miss the boat”, so to speak. I had Win 7 Pro and chose to Upgrade around Dec. 2015.

        I went from Win 7 Pro to Win 10 Pro. I must admit it was a nice transition for me. However, the last Win 10 Update, screwed with my PC, I even got a couple of BSODs that I haven’t had in years! I have had to re-install Win 7 Pro, losing a whole mess of my personal stuff. I am not a happy camper, by any means! I am still debating whether or not to go back to Win 10 … I have done this once before and due to having done this before, I truly am not sure that I really want Win 10.

        Now, I would advise, should you choose to go to Win 10 … To pay the money for an MS Win 10 DVD. This way if anything happens, you will always have the Win 10 disk to correct anything and to re-install if necessary. I also would advise that you get a Win 10 Pro … The Pro versions are so much easier to use, in the long run. They work better with MS Office or WordPerfect or any of the Free Office Suites available. Pro is mainly for Home Offices or Small Businesses. I don’t have either, but I fell in love with Win XP Pro and choose to stay with the Pro version.

        Before you do anything, please make sure that your Desktop or Laptop can truly handle Win 10. This last update for Win 10 … May have been the “ending point” for my Win 10 Pro version. My PC is about 8 or 9 years old and I may have some items in it, that Win 10 does not upgrade anymore. When I first Upgraded to Win 10 Pro, I did check to see if my PC was compatible and it was. I am highly suspicious that Win 10 Pro and the other versions have now advanced far beyond my own PC and it’s components.

        So, bottom line, I just may stay with Win 7 Pro. I am not so much worried about “security” issues. I know to have a good Anti-Virus/Malware program and how to conduct myself on the Internet. I have been doing all of this, since, Sept. 1996 … 22 years teaches you what to do and what not to do.

      2. @Fred G: Sorry to tell you … The ability to Upgrade to Win 10 free … Is no longer available. The Free Upgrade start on July 1, 2015, and ended on June 30, 2016. However, you would really do better by simply purchasing Win 10, so if, there are any problems, you have the DVD to fix them or if necessary to re-install. You do get the option to do a “Clean” Win 10 install or an Upgrade, where most of your files, games and etc. are “saved.”

        When I did the Free Upgrade, I was using Win 7 Pro, so it Upgraded to Win 10 Pro. I was thankful for that … However, I did lose a lot of Causal Games because they were not up to Win 10’s codes. I could never get those games that I lost, back to being able to play them. For me, that was a real bummer.

        Right now, I am using Win 7 Pro. The last Upgrade for Win 10 Pro really messed with my PC. I was getting a lot of the BSOD when I hadn’t been getting any of them with Win 7 Pro or even when I first Upgraded to Win 10 Pro. I have a “gut feeling” that my PC is too old to be able to handle the new coding with the last Upgrade.
        I have a refurbished Dell Desktop Mini Tower, that was created in 2009. I have changed the Power Supply to a 305W Dell Power Supply and added an EVA Nvidia Graphic Card, so that my games play better, as well as the movies and videos. My initial HD just quit and it was 1 TB, so I got a WD 2 TB HD and it has been doing great. I have plenty of room to expand my games or whatever I want to expand.

        So with me being back using Win 7 Pro … I really am not sure I want to go back to Win 10 Pro. I can since I do have the Win 10 Pro ISO DVD and the Win 10 Pro Creative Media to install. It does take a while, but should I decide to go to Win 10 Pro again … I can.

  40. XP was the best and I still have it on one computer. If would be nice if MS would just update some of these operational systems. I like 7, but now were are at 10. Maybe updates on some old systems should be mention at the tech meetings. I do like MS over MAC, that will never change.

  41. I use Microsoft’s Windows Media Centre (WMC) which is not supported in Windows 10. Some of the functionality is provided in W10 but not TV viewing and recording.
    There are alternative programs for what I want to do but the ones I have tried are not as good as WMC (and you have to pay for them).
    I have heard anecdotally that there is other which doesn’t work in Windows 10.


    Millions of Americans use TurboTax for IRS filings. Really complex stuff such as non-real estate investments and retirement plan data are impossible to track manually, but are digitally migrated on the tax software for decades from one filing year to the next. When that application ceased to work on Win 98, no users were given advance notice. Could someone at either Microsoft or from TurboTax give adequate notice so that we don’t have to scramble to buy new machines near tax filing deadlines? Thanks Everybody!

  43. I have 7 and 10 on different computers. I much prefer the 7 as I found that the gratuitous and undesired changes makes 10 more difficult to use. I was a long time user of 95 and still have it on an old laptop, But I find that it will no longer connect with the internet. I strongly suspect that one of the final “updates” for it crippled the operating system. I suspect that Microsoft may do that again to 7 to force OS migration.

      1. @jwbonnrt1:
        Ubuntu may not be the best choice to switch to.
        Try Linux Mint or PCLinuxOS.

        You were not satisfied with Ubuntu but didn’t give specifics.

        Care to elaborate for everyone?

        I use Linux for years with no significant problems.



    1. @ELVIA LETAMENDI GUADALUPE: I have had Alzheimer’s Disease for 15 years, after a while its not easy for me to learn new things. darn near impossible!!!! I use a broken windows 7 on a small computer for just games, I just play games no scanning the web, so window 7 is fine for me.

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