Millions of PCs Left Exposed As Users Fail to Update Popular Programs

Users Fail to Update Major Programs, Leaving Networks and Endpoints Exposed

According to The Cyber Security Hub, millions of computers are running outdated versions of multiple popular software programs.  This is highly concerning from a cyber security standpoint, as updates are used to patch known security holes.  If these holes are left unpatched, hackers know exactly how to execute a malware attack exploiting these vulnerabilities.

The Cyber Security Hub via LinkedIn

Whether you’re a home user or corporate network leaving these programs outdated — it is a problem.  However, the costs may be far greater for a business network.  If any business endpoints have at least one of these popular programs downloaded, there is a high likelihood it is outdated – how high will depend on the actual program.  Not only could this outdated program put that endpoint at risk for malicious cyber attacks, but could also lead to penetration of the entire company’s network through one compromised computer.

Keeping third-party applications and operating systems updated is incredibly important, although is clearly lacking priority.  Whether your a home user or IT administrator or anyone in between, it’s imperative updates for all third-party applications, regardless of popularity, are completed timely.  In several cases, this is one priority that gets put on the back-burner because the IT staff doesn’t have the immediate time to address each update, or the user is in the middle of a task and doesn’t want to have to reboot the PC to finalize the update.  However, there’s an easier way — and better yet, it’s entirely automated.

PC Matic includes patch management services in conjunction with its antivirus program.  Why?  Because they understand addressing cyber security threats goes beyond blocking malware.  It also includes proactively patching security gaps hackers may easily use to exploit the system.  You can learn more about PC Matic’s patch management services here.

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8 thoughts on “Millions of PCs Left Exposed As Users Fail to Update Popular Programs”

  1. If you are having problems loading PC Matic on your computer, check to see if your computer has another antivirus program loaded (free or paid) or if you have Malwarebytes loaded. Recently I had a new client that bought a new laptop. We loaded PC Matic on it and it would not scan nor allow me to connect remotely to it. Long story short, Malwarebytes was stopping it from executing. I put an exception into Malwarebytes and all is good!

    1. That’s a great tip Rich! Sometimes two realtime antivirus programs don’t play the best together and can cause some installation or performance issues.

  2. Do these programs alert me that they need to be updated or do I have to initiate the updates manually? Does PC Matic protect me in the event that I have not updated one or more of these? Thanks.

  3. I can’t bring PC Matic up to operating status on my laptop. It starts but keeps loading but never completes the full load. Why is that? It has worked before.

    1. Hi Paul,
      Please ensure you’re using a compatible operating system (Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, or 10). If you are using one of those, and the software is still having installation issues, please reach out to our support team at They are available seven days a week and will be able to assist you further. Thank you.

  4. I have tried P C Matic i heard the were real good, sorry to say they did no better than others, I have had Hackers from hell and they did like others they let the Hackers convence them they were me and let them take control of my account. I have had the Hackers for over 2years and I have spent a fortune trying to get rid of them. If the ones I am
    Trying now can not get them out, I am giving up I will get rid of my Internet and the computer I have had enough.

    1. Velma, what account are you having trouble with the hackers taking over? PC Matic can’t protect your online accounts like email or social networks. You should change any password on an account that hackers are taking over.

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