Feature Expansion – Endpoint Vulnerabilities

To expand your visibility over possible vulnerabilities in your environment, we have expanded the Endpoint Vulnerabilities report to include two new reports: SuperShield Blacklist/Learning Mode Enabled, and Lockout Thresholds Not Set.

SuperShield Blacklist/Learning Mode Enabled

When SuperShield is left in Blacklist Only or Learning Mode outside of a normal test or implementation phase, it leaves devices vulnerable to attack. All devices should be running in SuperShield Protection mode to remain secured by our whitelist based protection. Any devices in Learning Mode or Blacklist Only mode will populate here with a quick toggle to switch them over to SuperShield Protection. It is normal to see devices here while implementing in Learning Mode, but that phase should end after a couple of days.

Lockout Thresholds Not Set

PC Matic now automatically sets the Windows Account Lockout Threshold to further secure your devices from brute force attacks. This setting specifically stops frequent incorrect login attempts to a user account which would normally be used to gain access to RDP or another aspect of the network. We automatically set this threshold for you, but if any devices have not pulled that setting down, or it was reset, they will populate here. You can adjust the settings yourself, or apply our recommended defaults.

PC Matic Strongly recommends at least using the recommended settings below to keep your devices secure from brute force attacks. In most cases, normal users will not fail their login 10 times during a 5-minute window meaning they will never see an inconvenience from this security setting. You can, however, make this setting much stricter if you’d like to lock login attempts down even more by using something similar to the high-security settings below.

PC Matic Recommended/Default Settings

  • Account Lockout Threshold: 10
  • Account Lockout Duration: 5
  • Account Lockout Observation: 5

To learn more about Account Lockout Threshold and what each individual setting means, you can read our full breakdown.

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