Feature Preview: Sidebar Navigation, Personal Customization, and more!

We’re beside ourselves with excitement for these upcoming features!

The PC Matic Pro and MSP development teams have been hard at work alongside our design team revamping the management console inside and out with new features. In the coming weeks, we’ll begin to move our old user interface by the wayside and introduce PC Matic’s newest upside (okay that’s our last wordplay) to improve the user experience: Sidebar Navigation!

Meet PC Matic’s New Sidekick

Our new sidebar is always present to allow quick and easy movement throughout the management console and consistent access to different options and reports you need. The pane dynamically adjusts to the content on the screen so when you open an option while looking at a specific level the settings are ready to be adjusted for that level.

The sidebar presents other opportunities in the management console you’ll notice more as you begin to experience it. We’ve consolidated everything into the pane instead of having several options on different sides of the UI. In addition, with the shift to a horizontally focused UI, we’re able to fit much more data onto the screen for you which will lead to less scrolling!

It’s Time To Customize!

The sidebar isn’t the only change coming to PC Matic Pro and MSP with this update. We’re rolling out the first set of Workspace Customizations to make the management console fit your style even more. You can choose the default tab or page for each level of your account from the Workspace icon in your new sidebar.

Dashboard View

This all-new view is designed to be a landing page for you upon login (if you so choose). You can quickly review the important stats for your account, and rearrange them into the order that suits you best. Always want to see the Alerts summary first? Just drag it into the first position. The same can be done for the Security Stats charts, so you can always see the charts you want to review right at the top without having to scroll.


We’re so excited for you to experience not only the changes and features we’ve covered here but so many more small improvements and fixes we’ve put in place for this update to PC Matic Pro and MSP. Expect to see these changes arrive in the coming days!

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2 thoughts on “Feature Preview: Sidebar Navigation, Personal Customization, and more!

  1. These updates look fantastic! I am looking forward to seeing them. Looks like it will be MUCH easier to use, which is great. When will this new update be ready? Kudos to your design/development team.

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