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Mario Brothers Ditch Banana Peels and Goes Straight for Ransomware

Graphics Package Paired with Ransomware?

Hackers recently exploited the Mario Brothers graphics package, riddling the images with GandCrab ransomware.  The hackers took significant time trying to hide their malicious intentions, by hiding the commands in the color channels of the images.  By doing so, it makes it difficult for the firewall to detect the threat.  In addition, if the commands are run through PowerShell, they likely not being scanned by the third-party antivirus.  Unless of course, that security solution has a malicious script block in place, which will track PowerShell, and other scripting engine commands for malicious activity.

According to Dark Reading, this new campaign is currently only a threat to computer users in Italy.  However, that does not mean others are entirely safe.  It will not take long for hackers to target another geographical area, or for other hackers to deploy the same attack against another demographic.  Before falling victim, it’s important users understand modern cyber risks, and what security solutions are available to proactively thwart these attacks.

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2 thoughts on “Mario Brothers Ditch Banana Peels and Goes Straight for Ransomware

  1. Who is hiring writers/editors for you guys these days? That person should be fired. I received an email (riddled w/grammatical and spelling errors) and followed the links in that email to find several articles, including this one, that are equally error-ridden, as well as being incomprehensible and information-free. Very, VERY disappointing.

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