Another Scam Emerges, This Time Via Text Messaging

Another Way to Exploit People to Turn a Quick Profit, Does It Ever End?

Hackers have used several different platforms to share their scams.  These have ranged from fraudulent “tech support” websites, malicious social media posts, and scam phone calls.  In addition, there have been tax scams spread through phone calls, or fake emails.  The options are unlimited — so why would we be surprised that they are now sending text messages claiming you need to call now?!

This was sent to one of our employees, who FYI is not named Tammy.  Therefore, this scam was a failure from the very beginning.  However, one must ask, if my email was used suspiciously, why would the notification be sent via text message?  Perhaps as a secondary means of communications, but if legitimate, they would certainly send you an email as well.  Also, when these “suspicious email activity” alerts are legitimate, they never offer a phone number for you to call to remediate the situation.

If you get a message like this, do yourself a favor and delete it immediately.

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5 thoughts on “Another Scam Emerges, This Time Via Text Messaging”

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  1. Sometimes when one’s email is hacked, the acct is completely taken over, the pw changed, and access to it is impossible. That would make a text message more understandable.

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