GMail’s Detection is Off Leaving Legitimate Emails in Spam/Junk Folders

Do you ever check your spam or junk folders?  I do not.  Or should I say, I didn’t until recently.  About a month ago, I got an email from a fellow co-worker stating someone had reached out to both of us, but it went into her spam folder instead of her inbox.  I checked, and it happened to me as well.  This was surprising considering the email was coming from a third-party both my colleague and myself had worked closely with, corresponding via email on multiple occasions.  It remains unclear why GMail flagged this particular email as spam, but it did.

I thought it was just a fluke thing.  After all, we cannot expect perfection.  However, the problem may be bigger than just a “fluke”.  Yesterday, I was on the phone with Rob, when he mentioned having something similar happen to him in the last few days with emails from two different people.  These were not new email addresses his account had never seen before.  He had actually reached out to them, and their responses got “spammed”.  So, what’s the deal?

No one seems to know.  But what is clear is, GMail’s detection is off.

The Lesson

Check your junk and/or spam folders.  If you email someone and are expecting to hear back, or should be receiving some sort of correspondence and haven’t received it — check your other folders.  Relying on 100% accuracy from an email client is not realistic.  Up until recently, I did.  I have no idea if I missed important emails or notifications.  It will take time to make it a habit to check these folders, but it’s important you do.

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17 thoughts on “GMail’s Detection is Off Leaving Legitimate Emails in Spam/Junk Folders”

  1. I don’t feel any of them are “perfect” and most all have had an issue or two.1. there are preventions you take now to get a text, email if there is a log in from elsewhere and you can okay it or not..then change your password asap if it wasn’t you. 2. Use the FILTER Option, if mail you want or don’t want is going to Spam or into your Inbox you can open it, select the 3 vertical dots on right of that email and select Filter, you can add the email to your contacts (whitelisting), and then select Never Send it to Spam or for those you don’t want….3 vertical dots, then select Filter, Delete it or mark it as Phishing (if it is) and then Block.

    I just wish I knew HOW all the spammers etc get our email addresses in the first place and find a way to stop it.

    1. A majority of the time they’re getting your email information from data breaches that have happened and been leaked onto the dark web. There’s a great site that you can use to check and see if your emails or passwords were ever released in a data breach:

  2. I’m not surprised. I stopped using Gmail after my account got hacked in 2009. Thousands of Gmail accounts were hacked in a suspected cyberattack by China amid a spat between Google and Chinese authorities over Google’s then-refusal to submit to the country’s strict cyber-censorship rules. I haven’t used Gmail since — but can’t ditch it entirely, because a Gmail account is required to access Google Calendar, Google Docs and other programs that Google runs (including its now-defunct Google+ social network).

  3. I use windows mail.all my email is sorted through it. I have to sort through Spam or Junk mail daily and usually find from 3 to 15 or more every time I go to check. I have never received less than 3 legit emails in my spam. I finally just call it a way of life. No body or system, is perfect. If it, or they would be called “Jesus.”

  4. I switched to Gmail about 3 weeks ago and have to sy I am VERY disappointed. I have two “forwarding” sites in fromt of Gmail and, between them, I receive only one or tow emails a month — and they are marked as “SPAM” in the subject lines. The rest I have to take a separate effort to see. This has worked for years, with ZERO legitimate email identified as SPAM.

    With Gmail I find about 20-25% of my email ends up in the Spam folder! And not a single one was spam! Some are parts of an email thread where other emails from the same sender in the same thread have been handled properly. I have taken to just moving the entire Spam folder to the Inbox before I even try to go through my email.

    The Important folder is a similar disaster – useless.

  5. Donald G. Dalrymple

    I am 99.9% satisfied with the way G-mail filters out spam for me. Seldom have I found a legit e-mail in my spam folder. When i do find one that’s legit, it usually turns out to be political in nature which i didn’t want anyway (they want money). G-mail is about as good as possible without AI running the show. Sometimes it lets a real spam into my inbox, so I just go back and mark it as spam and most future e-mails like it will go to my spam folder.
    I would have to give G-mail as top ranking, 10 stars on a 10 point basis!

  6. Not kidding, but what’s the point of (Google’s) spam detection if we have to read the spam folder? Another idea gone awfully wrong because it’s not possible to isolate spam unless WE personally prevent it from reaching our inbox.

  7. UUuugh! I was hoping this article was going to expose a solution to the problem. My eMails are notoriously going to SPAM folder for a few years now. As mentioned above, even replies to eMails from gMail accounts.

    Recently I registered a new domain and within three eMails they started going to gMail’s SPAM… All my domains are on the same VPS, and thus IP, so that must be why it’s happening. However, I have found no solution or resource on gMail to get help or ‘whitelist’ my domains.

  8. It’s been pretty bad for me, for quite a while. Especially so for a linked Hotmail account. It ignores my ” not spam” requests and recently, it’s been filtering incoming replies to emails that I sent. Yet tons of actual spam and phishing emails get through.

  9. This happens with Outlook/live/hotmail too. I just check my spam weekly and add any legitimate email to either my safe mail or contact lists.

  10. I always check my Spam folder because sometimes I get a grin from the weird emails that have such outrageous letters trying to get my information by offering some ungodly amount of money.
    Not only that but my Mortgage company’s eBills ended up as Spam for over a year.

  11. I have one better than that. I do surveys online only. One I did a lot & really like & trusted started appearing right in the trash, not the inbox like it was doing at first. I have tried to put that site’s email address in my address book. No go. Same with just plain moving it back to the inbox. No go!

    So, before I clean the trash out, I always have to g thru & find the missing emails, move them or just open & do what I want to with them. This survey site isn’t the one site I am loosing to the trash!

  12. What were the nature of these emails? A few years back I found an anti-virus company used by Charter Communications was blocking my conservative emails when I tried to forward them, designating them as spam. They were a foreign company located in Scandinavia, subtly trying to interfere in an American election!

    1. I think that’s the best practice to have, unfortunately, good emails will probably always end up there at least sometimes.

  13. Set your browser’s home page to GMail’s spam folder. That way, you get a simple and automatic reminder to check every time you open your browser.

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