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PC Matic Pro: Hitting the Road

PC Matic Pro Team Explores Partner and Consumer-Facing Events As 2018 Comes to an End

Throughout the fourth quarter of 2018, the PC Matic Pro team traveled nationwide to spread the word of application whitelisting and improving one’s cyber security measures to focus on proactive detection.   

In October, several team members traveled to Greenville, South Carolina to build connections with potential partners, as well as nurture existing partner relationships during the Inspire conference.  Rob’s presentation on ransomware prevention was well received, and led to several new relationships.

In November, the team traveled to Palm Springs, California to once again, focus on reseller relationships during the fall Varnex event.  The connections made at this event have always provided unlimited value, and we look forward to working with those we connected with most recently.

Lastly, in December the team traveled to Foxwoods, Connecticut for a consumer facing event, which was attended with one of PC Matic Pro’s top resellers.  Collaborating with current resellers, and ensuring the team is providing value within those relationships is key to ensuring partner success.

The PC Matic Pro team looks forward to focusing more on consumer facing events throughout 2019.

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