New Ransomware Proves No Operating System is Invincible

Linux Servers Targeted by Latest Ransomware Variant

Often times tech users fall into a common misconception, that one operating system is more secure than another. For instance, Windows is often perceived as less secure than Macintosh, or even Linux. Why? Because many cyber security threats, including ransomware, target Windows operating systems. Why? Because they have the largest market share.

From a hacking perspective, it makes sense to target Windows devices. Why spend the time and resources to develop malware that only works on a small fraction of devices? However, that doesn’t mean other systems are immune from attacks. In fact, it creates a false sense of security for non-Windows users.

A new ransomware, called B0r0nt0K is targeting websites housed on Linux servers. Following the successful encryption and renaming files to include the .rontok extension, the hackers demand 20 bitcoins, which equates to approximately $75,000. Although this ransomware is known to infect Linux servers, there is a possibility it withholds the ability to encrypt Windows operating systems as well.

Additional details regarding this exact ransomware variant remain minimal. Several researchers have not been able to obtain a sample of B0r0nt0K for further testing. As more information becomes available, we will update the public accordingly.

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3 thoughts on “New Ransomware Proves No Operating System is Invincible

  1. Prob: It’s past time for a new computer. My WinXP is failing me.
    Q. Is a desktop better&more secure than a laptop? I leave my computer on from aprx. 6a to 10p.

    • Hi Victoria, there isn’t an inherent security increase moving from a laptop to a desktop. Both will have the same security for most cases. It would be a good time to move on from Windows XP though, it’s end of life has come and gone which means Microsoft no longer provides security updates.

  2. There is no such thing as an “un-hackable” computer. The solution is reformat and reload the OS. Do not pay. It just encourages further hacks.

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