57% of Malware Attacks Can’t Be Stopped By Traditional AV Solutions

Most Security Solutions Fail to Protect Against a Majority of Malware Attacks

A recent study found 57% of malware attacks were being spread through fileless scripting agents, like PowerShell. This generates a major problem for organizations that rely on traditional antivirus solutions to thwart malware attacks. Most security solutions only scan the executable files for security, even then, most solutions aren’t effective due to the traditional blacklist approach.

In order to effectively block fileless attacks, the security solution would have to scan scripting agents for potentially malicious activity. Today, very few programs do so.

The first step in prevention is knowing where the hackers are getting in. You now know that. Next, is deploying a security solution that blocks these threats.

Check out the infographic below from PC Matic Pro. They go into detail regarding their application whitelist approach which blocks malicious executable files, along with their malicious script blocking agent.

After deploying the appropriate security solution, you must practice proper cyber security hygiene. This would include ongoing cyber security training, patch management for operating systems and third-party applications, and timely backups.

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6 thoughts on “57% of Malware Attacks Can’t Be Stopped By Traditional AV Solutions

    • Hi Stella, if you have an Android device you can download PC Matic from the Google Play Store. After you download the application, just login with your PC Matic account!

    • Hi Gary, PC Matic can help to clean up and remove malware and ransomware infections. However, if your files were encrypted with ransomware we cannot automatically decrypt the files. Our customer service team may be able to help you find a free decryption tool if one is available, but that is not a guarantee. http://www.pcmatic.com/support

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