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Responding to the Computer Skeptic

It has been brought to PC Pitstop’s attention, the Courier Journal published an opinion piece regarding PC Matic – written by self-proclaimed “computer techie”, Jim Fisher.

Unfortunately, the article was littered with misinformation about PC Pitstop, PC Matic and even personal attacks against the company’s CEO, Rob Cheng. Moreover, there is no indication that Mr. Fisher even attempted to test any of the products.

It should be noted, the PC Matic team made several attempts to reach out to Mr. Fisher regarding his article, without response.

That being said, everyone is entitled to their opinion; however, it is important PC Matic takes the time to go through his post and share a response.

The article beings with,

You have probably heard of them. Their cringe-worthy commercials are everywhere. Their actors are horrible. The owner reminds me of one of those creepy head statues on Easter Island.

This is merely a personal attack against the company and CEO.

Moving on to his numerous false claims.

Perhaps “scam” is too strong a word for this horrible program but I’m gonna stick with the term because scamming is how these people got their start and once a scammer; always a scammer. You need to know that they are not deserving of your dollars.

PC Pitstop, the maker of PC Matic, did not originate as a scam. This is PC Pitstop’s 20th year in business and has built their company by addressing the needs of computer users as those needs have evolved.

PC Pitstop originated as a free diagnostic website to help identify common computer problems. Over ten years, PC Pitstop developed various programs including Optimize, Erase, Exterminate, Driver Alert, and Disk MD to continue to meet the needs of PC users. Then in 2009, the company recognized a need for a security solution, which led to the creation of PC Matic. This product continued to evolve into the whitelist-based security solution used today.

The company is also a member of the Anti-Malware Testing Standards Organization (AMTSO), is PCI-DSS compliant, and FIPS 140-2 compliant. In addition, PC Pitstop was recognized for IT Achievement of the Year by Networks Products Guide and Vendor of the Year by InfoSecurity Products Guide in 2018.

PC Matic appeared on my radar years ago as “PC Pitstop.” It was one of many fake antivirus programs that people were tricked into installing on their computer. Once this software was on a computer, it would display all sorts of horrible problems that needed to be fixed or Bad Things would happen.

PC Pitstop was never marketed as antivirus software. As mentioned earlier, PC Pitstop did develop PC Matic in 2009. Until December 2018, PC Matic did offer a free scan option. This would scan your PC and let you know what would be fixed if you purchased the software. This was not a scare tactic, but enabled the potential customer to view real-time scan results explaining what PC Matic would do, if they opted to purchase.

Of course there was a convenient link to purchase the software that would “fix” the problems you didn’t have. Eventually PC Matic, much like some mafia bosses, made enough money scamming people to “go legit.”

Not everything listed in these scan results would be classified as a problem. The scan results are color-coded and range from found malicious software to simple enhancements to increase the efficiency of the computer. Claiming they were all problems is inaccurate.

So how does PCMatic actually perform compared to other antivirus programs? Well, if you listen to their commercials, they get 100% perfect scores. No one in my line of business would believe that claim and you shouldn’t either. No antivirus program is perfect but there are some objective ways to determine which ones offer the best protection.

Check out the test results! PC Matic received a 99.99% detection rate in independent testing from Virus Bulletin. In addition, PC Matic earned a 100% protection rating in the most recent round of testing with AV-Test, and PC Magazine scored PC Matic with 100% malware detection and malicious URL blocking capabilities.

PC Magazine

I visited PC Matic’s website to look at their own review of their product. They referenced an independent comparison of various antivirus published in PC Magazine (a reputable source) who apparently gave them the “best” score. Skeptical of this claim, I went to the source (a skeptic always goes to the source) and here is what they actually said, “PC Matic scored highest in the latest test, with 94.75%, but failed overall due to many false positives.”

They FAILED! False positives are never a good thing. What that means is that PCMatic will shutdown many innocent programs which is exactly what I see in my shop. People with PC Matic complain of all sorts of warnings and stuff just not working right (such as not being able to access the internet). We remove PC Matic and, miraculously, the PC starts running well.

Following Mr. Fisher’s advice, the PC Matic team went back to PC Magazine to see what exactly was said. However, they were unable to find the quote referenced by Mr. Fisher. PC Matic’s testing scores from PC Magazine were however obtained, and have been included in an early portion of this article.

Getting back to the matter at hand — false positives. These are often a topic of discussion since PC Matic uses an application whitelist technology as its primary method of malware detection.

When using a whitelist, only known trusted programs are allowed to execute. All other unknown files are blocked until testing is completed to determine the security of the file. If a trusted program is blocked, as it may be with the use of a whitelist, it is deemed a false positive. This does happen with PC Matic, but the occurrence is a rarity.

To keep false positives to a minimum, PC Matic tests unknown files daily, enabling the software’s global whitelist to remain updated in real-time. This testing ensures almost all of the common software PC Matic users deploy is on PC Matic’s global whitelist. In the most recent AV-Test results, PC Matic’s false positive percentage was .0027%

The false positive scare can be a bit more severe for businesses, so PC Matic Pro does offer two unique options, learning mode, and an onboarding team. Learning Mode allows customers to automate the whole deployment process while the PC Matic Pro team captures the unique applications for them and categorizes them within the first 24-48 hours.

Also, the onboarding team works with every new account to assist them with not only the full deployment process but ensures any unique applications are whitelisted quickly to avoid any interruption in company operations and/or productivity. 

My biggest problem with PC Matic is that they do keep inching up in the ranks of independent evaluations. But they are getting there because they started out as scammers, did more scammy things to boost sales such as offering “registry cleaners” and “driver updates” for an extra charge (which are worthless, by the way).

They recently stopped charging extra for those because so many of us techie people gave them grief about it but they are still scammers at the core and should not be rewarded for the evil they’ve done!

Mr. Fishers claims about PC Pitstop and PC Pitstop software are baseless. The company has, and always will, be an advocate for computer users.  Whether that is offering free technical support, or a 30-day money back guarantee or going above and beyond in the IT industry. PC Pitstop has been on the front lines of the fight against some of the earliest spyware, conducted industry-leading research of the dangers of lithium-ion batteries in laptops, increased awareness for the importance of reading EULAs and continues to offer free resources to the general public – including internet speed test, weekly newsletters, and public forums

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80 thoughts on “Responding to the Computer Skeptic”

  1. It makes me angry when certain people speak badly about PC MATIC. I bought Evergreen for up to five computers, and this is my second laptop on which I have installed PC MATIC. PC MATIC has kept my computer running like a charm. I love everything about it. Buying Evergreen (life time subscription) to PC MATIC was the best technological decision I’ve ever made. I think other antivirus companies personally attack PC MATIC and the CEO for two reasons: PC MATIC is Made In America, and PC MATIC is the best buy for antivirus. This probably greatly disturbs the competition. I also think it’s a shame that he had to personally attack the CEO of PC MATIC. He even sounded downright angry for reasons as I have already stated above. As for me, I will continue being a big fan of PC MATIC and its CEO. PC MATIC is one of the finest purchases a computer user can make. Thanks PC MATIC! You’re a great blessing to many and me as well.

  2. Harrell Morlan

    I have used PC Matic for over two years I switched to it from McAfee because it did not protect me from ransomware and I had to recover my computer which was timely. Now for over 2 years I have had no problems with any viruses or malware. My computers and phones are protected by PC Matic and always will be . This is coming from a real live person that actually uses this great product and not by some some creep taking personal shots at the CEO of PC Matic. It is very obvious that this hit piece of an article was written by someone who has been economically effected by this great product, I hope someone searches the various stocks this rude person owns follow the money and you will find the real story behind this assault on PC Matic.

  3. This response really lays out the facts while illustrating how flimsy the Courier Journal’s attack piece is. No wonder Jim Fisher refuses to respond. I wonder if his editor would.

  4. I am 100% sold on PC Matic. I took a chance a couple of years ago. I use it on 5 devices very successfully. It does all the,work for me. It let’s me decide what to block. It is a great great value. My devices are not slow any more. After trying several other antivirus & spyware products which were over controlling, blocking legit application and seemingly launching viruses to sell more protection I got fed up with them. My only regret was that I didn’t switch to PC Matic many years ago. I could not be more satisfied with PC Matic. 🙂

  5. Gave up on Norton Anti Virus software many, many years ago, tried System Mechanic Pro as well as McAfee and others, had to turn them all loose too. They either miss virus programs, falsely flag files or tends to lock up my computers or forced me to shutdown and restart if the license isn’t renewed within a specific time prior to expiration.
    At times I purchased early license extension which goes up in smoke, so I got away from runnng two year license, then adding another one year extension. That extra year always seems to get lost. One thing I didn’t and still don’t like about these anti virus software companies is that they tends to save my credit card information even when specifically select not to, it’s obvious they do when it’s time for license renewal. Of course going into account and deselecting don’t save payment info don’t always work.
    I decided to get PC Matic and haven’t looked back since. I also ran Malware Bytes along with PCM results are no malware, no boot issues, no program lag, and no virus. Love my PCM software, it works so smoothly that at times I forget it along with Malware Bytes is running in the background. Thanks PCM folks your software is working as advertised.

  6. Judith (Hull) Moscibrocki

    I found PCPITSTOP in the early 2000’s when I got my first computer and have used it on all my computers since. I have never had a crash, infection that was not remedied by PCMATIC, or any kind of problems that couldn’t be remedied by PCMATIC.
    My daughter has had 3 PC crashes, multiple infections and a multitude of problems with her PC and laptops over the years that I have assisted with using PCMATIC since I have Evergreen. This was my best purchase ever for my computers!
    I am insensed over Mr. Jim Fisher’s article. He obviously doesn’t know what he is talking about.
    Thank you PCMATIC for your product(s). They have saved me much worry, difficulty with malfunctioning PC’s and a whole lot of money for computer repairs. Keep up the great research and development of worthy programs for the computer industry.

  7. I have been a PC Matic customer for 5 years and hands-down it’s the best PC protection money can buy! Not one infection since I purchased it. In the past, I have used Norton, Mc afee, and Avast that were at best 90% effective.

    I’m a software developer and like the fact that I can allow programs to run when they are flagged. I purchased the Ever Green 10 PC package as I need to test my software on different platforms.

    It’s obvious Mr. Fisher has never tested PC Matic or he has an underlying agenda. Regardless of his motives, Keep up the great work PC Matic. You have a customer for life!

  8. I recently purchased PC Matics evergreen service for five computers. Having used it for only about a month, I am extremely pleased with how easy it is to use and with its performance. The most impressive thing, however, is PC Matics technical support team. I’ve contacted them on several occasions regarding problems not even related to antivirus protection, malware protection for computer performance. There has been no hesitation on their part to assist me in solving these problems quickly and efficiently. They showed me how to recover lost files that I had invested hundreds of hours in. I am eternally grateful for their help. As far as I am concerned, PC Matic is one of the best investments that I have ever made.

  9. I have been a customer of PC Matic for many years now. Not once my computer has been infected by a virus thanks to PC Matic. I am not sure I understand the motivation of this person to freely attack PC Pitstop, which is a great company.

    Arnaud from France living in China.

  10. I guess since the courier journal is full of nothing but fake news then the opinions might as well be fake too. I have been using this product since the days it was called optimize and here I am many years and many computers later still virus and malware free. Maybe if this “journalist” actuallay tried it he might have a different opinion. But I wouldn’t hold my breath expecting a media outlet to tell the truth.

  11. We have used pc Matic for about 5 yr. we purchased the evergreen, lifetime for up to 5 computers. We have no more problems with our computers. Office Depot installed Mc after on one before we got pc matic. I paid them $160. To repair what the put on. It had malware and viruses that Mc aff did not stop! Best protection in the land.

  12. I have had PC Matic for as long as I can remember. Many years ago I purchased an “Evergreen License” and it is probably the best purchase I have ever made. Prior to PC Matic I used McAfee and Norton products with varying degrees of success. I very rarely use McAfee (even though I receive it free) and Norton, but at least once a week I run PC Matic. I’ve never had a problem with PC Matic and wholeheartedly recommend it to everyone!!!

    I’m not sure who Mr. Fisher is, but he is living proof that if you read enough articles, you are bound to find one that agrees with your point of view — even if it says the world is flat. While I don’t consider myself to be a self-proclaimed technical expert, I do claim to be more of an expert than Mr. Fisher. For anyone who has ever run PC Matic, it is obvious that Mr. Fisher never has.

    Keep up the good work PC Matic.

  13. I have used PC Matic for the last 5+ years, and have NEVER had a problem. I know for fact that I have stumbled across several Virus’ that tried to infect my computer, but failed thanks to PC Matic. I trust PC Matic 100%, and recommend it to everyone that I talk computers with.

  14. Harrell E Morlan

    I have used PC Matic for over a year with absolutely no problems. I switched from McAfee after I got hit with ransomware after checking with McAfee they tell me they offer ransomware protection as an add-on to their $90 per year fee, I canceled immediately. I purchased PC Matic after I recovered my file with system recovery and my back up files. PC Matic has worked flawless on my two computers with Win 10. I will keep PC Matic as long as I have computers. PC Matic WORKS!

  15. I had Bit Defender prior to PC Matic, it took forever to run a scan. The price went up every year and the program got more difficult to use.
    PC Matic does everything I need to keep my computers running smoothly and the price is constant, and for 5 computers.
    Jim Fisher lives in another world, I hope he stays there.

  16. P.C. has been a great deal for me. I have not had any problems like I had with Norman, Symtec and AVG. I a email once about a problem and within hours I got an answer on a Sunday AM that guided me through the process. I am quite frankly not a techie, in fact I would say that I am challenged. So this complainer is like most, he just wants someone to listen to him. Betcha he’s a socialist.
    G. Simpson
    Dallas, Texas

  17. .
    . ………..Fisher is a Self Grandising FOOL…. … Only a FOOL mocks what they know nothing about.
    I have had a PC since the early the first Radio Shack TRS80 with tape cassete for storage (50 years ago)…I had PCMatic about 20 years ago when it began. NOW it has developed into a first class operating system, and a First Class Company………. TheTV ads are certainly different, but they do communicate what Mr Chang and his team are all about. … Most often, that can not be said about the ” amusing and entertaining” ads that abound, which say nothing.

    Only a couple times have I had to contact TECH, and I am pleased with their response time and assistance…

    And, I appreciate the fact that this is ” Made in America ” ……….. and do feel more secure with it for that reason.

    Stay with your stated goals, PCM Guys and Gals, and keep it affordable for us in the REAL WORLD
    . Dave Perry North Alabama U.S.A. https://effective-bible-reading.com/

  18. I have used PC Matic for several years and am 100% satisified! No issues – no problems. It gets the job done behind the scenes and I just do my business. I agree with the Gentleman earlier, there is always that 5% of people who have something negative to say. Keep doing what you are doing PC Matic!
    Thank you,

    1. I tend to agree with Mr. Boyle. The Whitelist method is the best way to go and just like the Blacklist method has a tendency to miss new programs or routines. The difference is if you are tagged out on a Whitelist method, there’s no harm, just inconvenience. If you are not tagged out on a Blacklist method, your computer system can be destroyed. The critic needs to think through this methodology and see which is the best way to go. Adding features is the way most companies make money and you have to make money to stay in business. The critic was probably a shill for one of the other computer system security companies.

  19. I have been using PC Matic since the PC Pitstop days. I started with Mr. Cheng product in 2009 and have not had any problems with PCMatic or Supershield. It just works that’s all I know. I also have it installed on my kids 4 computers and no problems and no viruses, malware or ransomware on any of those computers either. So regardless of what people might say or complain about PC Matic, I plan on using it until it quits working for me and that has not happened in the last 10 years that I have been using PC Matic or Supershield. Keep up the good work Mr. Cheng and staff. I am happy with what you are doing. If you should ever need support for anything you will get it within hours not days.

  20. I have been using PC Pitstop for over ten years. I started when I had a computer problem and contacted my internet provider’s help desk. The tech recommended PC Pitstop to run a scan which identified the problem which I fixed. When you came out with the Evergreen option I bought it and have been using it ever since on numerous machines. Any time I contacted your team with a computer related problem I received a rapid response. I receive the weekly newsletter and just read about the Jim Fisher critisism of PC Matic which in my opinion is total garbage. You guys keep up the good work.

  21. Its unfortunate there are those in this world that are simply “unhappy people”. They seem to look any and everywhere to find something to complain about. The truth is before PC Matic, I had constant issues. Since PC Matic I have none and this is going on 3-4 years now, My Vice President and I just talked about this a couple weeks back. PC Matic is on all of our computers in the office and they truly run problem free.

    Keep up the good work and bah humbug on the naysayers.

  22. I had Norton for 15 years it wasn’t always suscessful.. Pc matic has left me untouched. Ignore the bull………….

  23. PC Matic has my money and I’m glad of it! This naysayer reminds me of some liberal trying to destroy Capitalism. It won’t work with me. Keep up the GOOD WORK PC Matic.

  24. I have PC Matic for many years (well over 10 years) and have never had any issue regarding malware. Computer does not run slow due to this; I replaced Norton many years ago and the speed difference in my computer was amazing. Had a tech problem with install once, but was resolved immediately by support. I love this program, have the utmost confidence in it and wholeheartedly recommend it!

  25. PCMatic is my trusted program for fixing and monitoring my computers (plural). Several years ago i was frustrated with two other maintenance programs not getting the job done. When I went to PCMatic my problems were solved and ever since, any computer that had issues (like my mother-in-law’s) got fixed with praise and thanks for the help. Nice to have momma-in-law’s likes.
    I don’t know what Mr. Fisher’s problem is with his unsubstantiated criticism, but PCMatic has saved my bacon on numerous occasions catching problems before they become and issue.

    Thank you for a great product and keep up the great work with the programs and the newsletters.

    I remain your loyal customer.

  26. I have had PC Matic installed on 3 computers for multiple years now and have had absolutely no problems since installing it. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a truly professional option.
    Thank you very much,
    Dale Dunnam
    Denham Springs, LA

  27. Somewhere in Central oregon

    I am not a tech person so I must find a trusted source to protect my computer. PC Matic is just that source. i have been very happy with this product since I installed it about 4 years ago. When I have had a question, it is answered promptly.

    I think Mr. Fisher is just jealous that he didn’t think of this great product himself!

  28. Thundarr The Barbarian

    Dear PC Matic,

    “My biggest problem with PC Matic is that they do keep inching up in the ranks of independent evaluations.” Jim Fisher

    MY biggest satisfaction with PC Matic is: IT WORKS! Thank the Great Goddess for Capitalism : )

    Don’t ALLOW the naysayers to drag you down to THEIR low-level.

    I’m no computer coding wizard, but I KNOW when a product works as advertised or not. PC Matic WORKS AS ADVERTISED. PERIOD! End of discussion.

    Thank YOU PC Matic for ALL you are and ALL you do! It is MUCH appreciated!

    Yours Truly,
    Satisfied Customer

  29. I don’t know how many machines I have installed PC Matic to over the years. But since those installments. I have never had a issue with any of them. I also have a couple of family members on my licence. And they too have not have any problems. So I think that goes to show that this product is Great!
    Also I used to be a Trend Micro customer and did get into a couple of scrapes. Even when I first installed the free PC Matic program for the fist time. It found Viruses in my Trend Micro system. So it was a no brainer. Thank you for your excellent customer support as well. You guys have never let me down yet.

  30. Goethe "Bud" Aldridge

    Dating back thirty (30) years to the days of Doss Operating Systems, I have owned numerous computers and have used at least five (5) of the most popular Anti-Virus programs, all of which to varying degrees failed to prevent malware and virus problems. A little over a year ago I installed PC Matic on five (5) Computers and to date I have not had a single malware of virus problem. As a matter of full disclosure I also run Malwarebytes on all five computers. That said – I am really happy with PC Matic and thus far it has proven to be far superior to all the others I have used.
    Bud Aldridge
    Arapahoe, NC

  31. George A Branigan

    I have been a very satisfied pc matic customer for over 5 years,with zero problems with any kind of malware or viruses.
    This type of ‘hit job’ reminds me of some news channels. Log on accusations,very short on proof. If the ‘journalist’ doesn’t respond to you,or continues to trash an excellent company with an excellent product(s), drag his butt into court. It seems that’s the only way to shut down loose cannons with an audience. Best of luck PC MATIC,you guys rock.

  32. Very satisfied user. I do not receive problems because I chose P C Matic. Why this hit piece? Must be a sicking reason as this author comes off as a sick person. I am happy with P C Matic.

  33. On thing I’ve noticed after living 80+ & being in business for 60 years !
    95 % of customers are never a problem & happy with the service you provide.
    but, in life & business there always is that miserable 5% who are never happy with anything they have or get.
    Mr. Fisher sounds like one of them.
    I wonder if he’s having a 95% problem also in finding a woman!

  34. I have never felt safer with the security of my computer than when I started using PC Matic. Love your company and its products. Keep up the great work!

  35. I have used PC Matic for several years and recently obtained a lifetime subscription. I have never had any issues unlike the other 2 main players in this field. It was like my computer would get infected so I’d change to the other and get infected again – back and forth. It was almost like it was choreographed. The final straw was when my Windows 7 OS was hijacked. That was it. I got PC Matic.

  36. Debbie J Van Horn

    I have had PC Matic for a year. Just renewed it for next year. I have used Mc***** and Nor**** and a couple other popular anti-virus programs. When the one I was using did not block everything I moved to the next one. I am a simple user.. mostly personal use of my machines.. I would recommend PC Matic to my mama.. Thank you for a great product. P.S. your commercials are hokey, but I love them… LOL.

  37. I have used PC Matic for years to protect all of the PC’s in my home. Whenever I have needed help PC Matic staff have always been responsive even on weekends. Mr Fisher deserves a FAKE NEWS award.

  38. I have had you guys for just over a year. And I think you’re the best! My computer is working at it’s best and have had no problems at all. All that article is, “fake news”.

  39. I am a business software developer and know very little about how security software works under the hood, nor do I have time to learn about it. I’m too business keeping up with technology and development advances in my own field. When I worked in a different locations and used a different internet carrier during a several year project, my problems with viruses, hi-jack software, and walware in general, skyrocketed. Unfortunately I was not using PC Matic but another major brand of security software. After I got everything cleaned up on my pc and tried other highly rated brands that still allowed problem software to cause havoc, I tried PC Matic, I have used it for approximately 5 years, and I have yet to have a single problem. If Jim Fisher’s claims were true, PC Matic would not work as well as it does. I see a lot of bad software, and one thing I have learned from years of seeing and working to fix it, is that developers who turn out software solely to enrich themselves, are not focused on excellence in what they produce. Fisher is right about one thing, scammers are always scammers, so they do awful work. It wouldn’t be a scam to create products that work well. Not only has PC Matic kept my pc’s 100% clean and trouble-free, it has done so without interfering with with other software I load and run. That doesn’t mean there may not be some out there somewhere that could be a problem. Because I use my pc for my work, I do not web surf, play games, or do social media for fun. So, I can’t speak to problems that might occur with software downloaded and run for those purposes. If there is any scamming going on, it sounds to me like Mr. Fisher is the one doing it. Like that commercial for diet food that says “I just ate the food and lost the weight” – I just use PC Matic and no more pc problems – its real simple.

  40. Hello, I am in my third year with PC Matic it took me some time to learn how to make it work for me I was plague with lock ups wanting me call this number.I would shut down,unplug wait for 20 sec. then start back up.Click on PCmatic to run full scan.then go back on line with no problems Thank You

  41. PC Matic has my “2 Thumbs Up”. Used many years ago…..went with the inatalled anti virus on new computer……went back to PC Matic. A year ago I had to reload my cumputer windows OS and programs three times …paid a computer store the first time…did it myself the second time…on the third go round I contacted PC Matic and found out about a Microsoft update problem which they gave me the solution to. This reviewer sounds like many of the tantrum throwing, negative nellies ….if I can’t have it I will trash it mentalities. Sorry…I love my PC Matic.

  42. i have only one complaint about pcmatic , they have been charging me twice every year for service and never got back to me to solve the problem. other than this problem i have no complaints.

    1. Hi Frank, lets get this sorted out! It looks like I’m seeing one charge per year under the email you used for this comment. Could you possibly have another email that you may have an extra account under? Please let our customer support team know if you do so that they can get you refunded and turn off automatic renewals if you’re not using that account. http://www.pcmatic.com/help

  43. I have tried many other AV products and have been very disappointed. However after loading and using PC MATIC I have been very happy and satisfied with my protection for my computers. Let the naysayers eat sour grapes. I know what works.

  44. I would suggest suing Mr. Fisher for libel. That should get a response from him. That usually goes a long way to stopping these hit pieces.
    I am extremely happy with PC Matic! Been a customer for a good, long time.

  45. have had the top 4 recognized names protecting my computers in the past, and always experienced issues, some minor annoyances and some major that went beyond annoying. Since installing PC Matic about four years ago there have been ZERO issues, period. Once in a while a program will be blocked, it is rare and easy enough to allow or not. I’m still using the same computer from 4 years ago, when I first installed PC Matic – and I use it a lot, every day, for business and personal. Have the bad eyes to prove it!

    I think Fisher might have confused PC Matic with someone else. I don’t recognize a thing he said being applicable to PC Matic. I think you guys are great.

  46. I RECENTLY HAD A RANSOMEWARE MESSAGE IN MY EMAIL. In a panic, I notified, by email, PC Matic. They replied quickly and professionally. I was reassured there was not a problem, as long as I didnt open it. I wrote back later on, that I received more ransom ware emails, and asked why I was getting the ransom ware in the first place?
    I have not received an answer back. How does this happen, that ransom ware gets through?

    1. Hello,
      I checked into your helpdesk history, and it looks like our team did respond in February. The email you received was a scam, and what you would need to do is report it as spam to your email provider. This should prevent further delivery. PC Matic does not block the delivery of emails, which would explain why it was being delivered. This is the role of your email provider. However, hypothetically, if this email included a malicious attachment that you tried to download, PC Matic would not allow it to run. I hope that clarifies any issues you’re reporting.

  47. It’s good to see the positive comments about PC Matic. As a new user ( 2-days), it makes me feel that I have made a good decision. Up until two days ago, I have been using IObit products exclusively. (Noticed that they don’t do well in those independent tests; or were not tested at all). In reality, I got tired of their “nickel & dime” tactics as the only way I could get complete protection (updates, etc.) But when “AskBobRankin” tried PC Matic and gave it a “Thumbs Up!” ….well, I decided to give it a try.

    Let’s hope it lives up to you all’s glowing recommendations.

  48. I’ve had PC Matic now for over a couple of years. Any problems encountered, theirs or mine, were always solved in less than 24 hours. My previous anti-virus packages, used two major ones, were lacking, to say the least. Had lots of problems with malware and viruses. Love PC Matic.

  49. I have had PCMatic for a good number of years now. Whenever I had a question I had a swift response and any of my concerns were taken care of. PCMatic is a superb program and I am so glad I have it. Thank you PCMatic people.John

  50. I smell defamation suit. If someone publishes an informed opinion due to personal testing and use that would be a professionally informed opinion and has a right to publish.
    However, on the counter point, to publish a “hit piece” with no true information because of prejudice then that’s a different.

  51. I have had PC Matic for several years and I have not experienced any problems with my computer. With other
    anti-virus software my computer would still crash and I would have to repair it by removing files and reinstalling files
    but since I have had PC Matic I have had no such problems. I am satisfied with PC Matic.

  52. Constantine Toures

    Two Plus Years with PC Matic Installed in 4 Different Machines with Absolutely NO ISSUES whatsoever, I Love it, I Just don’t have the time to fool around with Computer Problem anymore..Thank You Again PC Matic for an Awesome Product…

  53. I have pc magic installed on about a dozen end points and as the saying goes,”the proof is in the pudding!” Not one of these computers has ever gotten infected by any ransom ware or other type of virus/malware. My only problem is that Malwarebytes seems to want to classify the program itself as malware and disables it. Boy what competitors will do to get a leg up! I simply remove Malwarebytes or add an exclusion to it. Either way, PC MATIC is my choice for first line protection.

  54. I have been a PC Matic/PC Pitstop user since their early beginnings ; and, I can say only good things on their behalf. Prior to my PCM/PCP connection I experienced nothing but problems;but, since my devices have been introduced to the PC Matic family, their problems (and mine) have all but disappeared. Keep it up Rob Chen. PCM is number one. Thanks, Alan

  55. I’ve had PC Matic over 5 years now and I’m very happy with it. Any issue I’ve had, usually my own out dated OS has been addressed promptly. I was a former Norton user for years but after getting several viruses, I switched to PC Matic and have been very satisfied. Thanks Rob for providing a great service!!!

  56. I’ve been using PC Pitstop and PC Matic for years and have never had a problem. I recommend using PC Matic to people often.

  57. I have been in the IT field for 30 years and have been using PCmatic for 2 years now for my home PCs. I am extremely pleased with the product and definitely recommend it. I have had not had any viruses or malware in these past 2 years and I can’t say that about other “big” name products I have used. So keep up the great work!

  58. My only complaint is the TOTAL lack of ANY phone number where a customer can VERBALLY contact the company. I like to talk to a REAL person.

    1. Hi Larry, I can assure you that everyone on our customer support team is a real person. They can converse with you through EMail which we have found as the best way to troubleshoot and help with problems. They’re available 7 days a week too! http://www.pcmatic.com/help

  59. I recently moved from very poor service to PC Matic. So far PC Matic has surpassed my expectations. It seems with the state of the “news media” today, they can say anything and nothing is done to them. I would like to see a lawsuit brought against the, haha-“journalist” for “libel. I am sick and tired of “journalist” hiding behind the first amendment and damaging others. Prove your sources and tests “journalist”, then I will listen. Otherwise, take a hike.

  60. I have happily run PC Pitstop including PCMatic software on my machines for at least 10 years now, with no problems whatsoever. I also run Norton products and find them reliable, but not as secure as PC Matic. I have relatives who work for MacAfee, and I tried it for a year, and came back. I sleep well at night.

  61. While the most important elements to ‘keeping safe’ is to update frequently and never click on unknown spam links, PC Matic has served well for a couple of years on a couple of systems. Since I also use other ‘keep safe’ software on other systems (6 in total), I can say all have served me well.

  62. Barry P, hARBISON

    I have had PC Matic installed on two laptops for close to two years. This an excellent product.
    Over the years I have had the opportunity to use a few other similar products prior to PCMatic
    coming on the scene. This is by far a superior product.
    My only problem with PC Matic is that even though they have been servicing my laptops for some time,
    when i try to contact them they don’t recognize my email address as legitimate. So, even if I can’t reach you to thank you, I remain a very satisfied customer.

    1. Hi Barry,
      Thank you for sharing your feedback with us. It looks like the email address is no longer being flagged as invalid. Have you experienced any problems recently?

  63. George Gubko Jr

    Have had PC Matic on my machines for several years now with no issues. When we had the WannaCry scare not long ago, I never blinked. I knew my family’s machines were good to go. Not sure what this author’s issue is but in my humble opinion, I do not think he ever actually used the program.
    I am happy with PC Matic.
    Thank you,
    George Gubko Jr.
    Jacksonville, NC

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