Just How Connected Are You?

To quote Cinderella (the band not the princess), “you don’t know what you got, til it’s gone.”

The other day my router was on the fritz. In an attempt to fix it, I ended up doing a reboot, changing WiFi passwords, dropping and adding connections etc. Eventually it was fixed. However, this left me with the job of reconnecting every single connected device. This took days. Why? Because I had no idea how many devices were connected!

My question to you is, how many devices do you have connected to your internet, right now? Many will say less than five. But, please take a minute and consider the list below. How many of these are you currently using?

  • Home security system
  • Home assistant (Echo, Echo Dot, Google Home Hub, Goggle Mini, etc.)
  • Smart TVs or adapters (Fire Stick, Roku, Fire Cube, etc.)
  • Wireless cable boxes
  • Desktop/Laptop computers
  • Smartphones
  • Gaming systems
  • Tablets
  • Smart home tools (Live stream doorbells, smart thermostats, etc.)

Now, after reviewing that list, would you say you still only have a few connected devices? Or are you a bit more reliant than you initially realized?

Our Dependence is Greater Than We Thought

We’ve become a society that is incredibly reliant devices to simplify our lives. Often times, these devices require an internet connection. The problem is, as this device dependence increases, so does our vulnerability. If and when the internet goes down, we have no idea how to function. We no longer can stream the latest movies, check social media accounts, shop online, change our room temperature or lighting without having to get off the couch or use our beloved Alexa to set reminders or play our favorite song. THE MADNESS!

Now, I’m clearly being melodramatic — but, it’s true.

We don’t think about how much we use these devices until we are no longer able to do so. With an increased awareness of your connected devices, you should also increase your awareness of cyber security for these devices.

Not all devices are compatible to have a security solution installed. However, those that can, should.

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