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How to Add PC Matic to a New Computer

Since PC Matic is sold with the ability to download on five different devices, it’s important users understand how to do so. So, let’s get started.

If using are trying to download the solution onto a laptop or desktop, they will need to go to www.pcmatic.com/consumer on the computer the user wishes to download the program onto.

Then click on the “Free Download” option. This will initiate the installation process of the security software.

After the installation is complete, log in using the existing user PC Matic credentials.

Here is a video tutorial which also walks the user through the entire process as well:

PC Matic subscribers also have the ability to install the software on their Android devices. To do so, following these instructions:

  • Access the Google Play Store
  • Search for PC Matic for Android
  • Download the app
  • Log in using the existing PC Matic credentials

As always, for any questions, or if additional assistance is needed, please do not hesitate to reach out to our online support staff at www.pcmatic.com/help

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6 thoughts on “How to Add PC Matic to a New Computer”

    1. I had pc.matic on old computer three months ago dumped computer bought new one HP.desk top cant remember password?some creeps got a back door into my old computer don’t want that to happen again?

  1. I only have one computer that connects through my phone service (no internet) so how much would that cost

    1. Kayla Elliott

      PC Matic requires an internet connection since it is a cloud-based product. Thank you for your inquiry.

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