PC Matic Shield

Adding PC Matic to Your Android Devices

PC Matic subscribers are now able to have the same great security protection they receive on their computers, on their Android mobile devices.

To download, follow these steps:

  • Access the Google Play Store
  • Search for PC Matic for Android
  • Install the app
  • Log in using your existing PC Matic credentials

Each mobile device PC Matic is installed on, will account for one of the five that are allocated with a PC Matic subscription.

Questions? Reach out to our online support team for assistance.

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16 thoughts on “Adding PC Matic to Your Android Devices”

  1. If I never log out of pcmatic, but shutdown my pc every night, do I need to click on app , when booting up again, each time? Also, do I need to do anything to keep the antivirus dats updated every day?
    Thank you in advance

    1. Hello Sue,
      You do not need to open the program to ensure it is running. PC Matic runs in the background, so the application does not need to be open. To ensure it is working you can see the PC Matic icon in your application tray in the bottom right corner, near your clock. If it’s green — you’re good to go. Also, PC Matic will install any necessary updates when the scan is completed. You will need to reboot the device to finalize any updates. Thank you for reaching out!

  2. Delores Thomas

    I purchased pc matic for two computers we use at home, but am having a dickens of a time trying to simply download it. What’s my problem?

  3. I need protection for two Apple IOS iPads, two iPhones, plus one Windows PC. Are you developing an IOS product? Norton is about to charge me for a renewal I don’t want.

    1. Hello Hal,
      PC Matic is currently not compatible with Apple operating systems. Our Mac version is currently in beta testing; however, we do not have a firm release date yet. We are not currently developing a product for iOS.

  4. J. Dexter Smith

    Thanks, Kayla for the get back and heads-up. Right now. I am still shopping for a Malwarebytes replacement; but, dealing with techs sometimes is challenging for an old “baby boomer” who learned computer techniques by trial and error on telephone line hook-ups to the internet. The techs can’t tell if I am a complete idiot or just as computer savvy as they are as I am a mixed bag of tricks…I know just enough to get insulted if I get classified as a computer idiot and I get lost when thought of as being computer savvy.

  5. J. Dexter Smith

    I have had Malwarebytes for about 12 years with no problem, but when my MB Premium reloaded automatically this April 17th when I tried to install it after seeing their new icon on my desktop, it would not install. It kept giving me a message that the install failed due to Proxy Settings Error and that I should contact my System Administrator. However, I have a 9 year old Toshiba Satellite 19″ laptop Windows 7 that I am trying to hang on to and I was trying to get help from Malwarebytes Techs. After 14 emails from 4 different techs all recommending that I do the very same thing each time that failed 14 times, I gave up and canceled my Malwarebytes Premium. I also have Ariva antivirus the free program and Malware’s Free program now too. Prior to purchasing, downloading,and trying to install PC Matic what do I need to do? E.g. delete these two free programs and their shortcuts or do I need to try to figure out what is causing my Proxy Settings Error or can PC Matic’s program or techs help me with that without a lot of the same failed information being repeated by 4 different techs?

    1. You’ll need to uninstall the free versions you have now. However, do not do so, until you’ve purchased PC Matic and have received the install information via email (this takes place immediately after purchase).
      If you’re still experiencing the error, or run into any issues during the installation of PC Matic, feel free to reach out to our support staff at http://www.pcmatic.com/help — they will be able to assist you and are available seven days a week. Thank you!

  6. Patricia Anadio

    Sorry that I could not connect this service with my computer, communication was terrible so I had to cancel the subscription.

  7. Arthur F. Smith

    I have two computers
    a cell phone
    a router
    two printers
    an I pad
    How much would it cost to protect this equipment for one year

    1. Hi Arthur, PC Matic is $50 for 5 devices per year. To cover your two computers and Android device it would be $50 for the year. PC Matic does not provide protection for printers, routers, or iPad devices.

  8. Phillip Caldwell

    My friend has an HP laptop that has 17 malware threats on it right now. I feel PC MATIC is the best but my friend had his debit card violated through PayPal to $2400.00, had his bank of 25 years close his bank account. Because of that problem he is totally afraid to purchase anything on line. He wants a CD or DVD mailed to his home address , not downloading from the net. Is this possible? I personally feel PC MATIC is the best, and my friend drastically needs his hard drive cleaned up. How can this problem be solved? Send any reply to daxlakeJeannie@gmail.com. Thank you for any help in this matter.

    1. Hi Phillip, my best advice for your friend would be to visit one of his local stores to purchase a Visa re-loadable gift card. He can then use that to purchase PC Matic from our website, unfortunately, that’s the only place it is available for purchase. We can ship him a CD if he chooses to purchase a backup CD at checkout but there is an extra charge. The download from our website is perfectly safe.

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