New York’s State Capital Falls Victim to Ransomware

Another Public Municipality Has Fallen Victim to Ransomware – This Time, the City of Albany

An unknown ransomware variant infected the city offices of New York’s state capital, the City of Albany.  Although, employees were still expected to arrive to work Monday morning, city offices did not open until 12 p.m. EST.  The city’s IT staff are still investigating total damages as a result of the cyberattack, including which systems are impacted. 

As of the latest press release, the city’s payroll systems had been compromised, as well as certain public records, such as birth, marriage, and death certificates.  Since the payroll systems include personal data of employees, there were initial concerns of a data breach as well.  However, after further investigation, it appears personal employee data was not compromised.  Although, the city is offering employees the option for credit monitoring service if they so wish. 

Beyond city offices, the Albany Police Officer’s Union (APOU) is also suffering the aftermath of this attack.  According to the APOU’s Vice President, Gregory McGee, members do not have access to services or programs that operate using an internet connection, as their networks are currently not online.

One of the biggest interferences this has caused has been with the scheduling system.  Without scheduling access, the APOU does not have a way to track who is working, or the manpower they have available.  Additionally, the ransomware infection also impacted the computers within patrol cars.  Due to this interference, officers are not able to access accident or incident reports.  Therefore, calls for service may take longer than expected, as officers are missing access to the tools needed to conduct daily job duties.

The Unknown

It remains unclear how the ransomware infected the network, including how it bypassed the security measures the City of Albany had in place.  Additionally, the ransom demands have not been publicly released, as it remains unclear if city officials will end up paying the hackers to restore city networks. 

This attack came just weeks after Jackson County, located in Georgia, also fell victim to a ransomware attack.  Jackson County officials paid the ransom demands of $400,000.  Although, even after paying the ransom demands, it still took days before the county’s networks were back up, and even then, they were not running at full capacity.

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10 thoughts on “New York’s State Capital Falls Victim to Ransomware”

  1. Just wait till 5g links driving cars, buses, 18 wheelers, homes, citys, and everything from soup to nuts….!!!

  2. Those are responsible the AD’s companies and the groups that use them. I recommend ALL legitimate internet users use AD-Ware blockers and PCMatic. And the Feds should put forth legislation to stop them from tracking. The internet is not “Free” and never has been. If it was, you wouldn’t need outside companies to provide it.

  3. The United States MUST develop HACKware, MALware, STOP-THEM-ware for ALL of these invasions. Therefore, the U.S. SHOULD have a SPECIAL GROUP of people who check ALL Federal, State and Local Offices that DEPEND on their computers in order to function. Let’s put our $$$ where our mouths are…NOW…TODAY. Thank you.

  4. Or a simpler and more effective solution might be to employ a decent security software suite, and backup, backup, backup.

    It’s like shooting fish in a barrel, and the morons should be held personally responsible.

  5. Thundarr The Barbarian

    Question: “So who are these creeps? China, Russia, North Korea?”
    Answer: NONE of the above. Simply the United Nations.

    “Surely it’s just lack of will. It’s the job of government to protect its citizens.”
    Welcome to The New World Order.

    OBVIOUSLY, Government is no longer interested and NEEDS to be abolished, PERMANENTLY!

    “The hardest thing to see is what is in front of your eyes.” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

  6. I am truly glad that the government of the US and the majority of the other countries are using all of their resources to end this problem. I see a light at the other end of the tunnel /sarc! It turned out to be a train high balling it for its next stop. If they did cooperate then the problem would just be reduced to a minimum but they don’t want to waste the resources aka moola on helping us the citizens as we don’t count for anything! My prediction is that the internet will become practically useless as the scammers and fraudsters will totally control it sometime in the future.

  7. It’s just stupid to pay the criminals. Their IT department must be really dumb. With what must be at their disposal why do they not have safeguards in place. I have a home network with 2 computers that don’t have anything on them that I can’t afford to lose but I’m smart enough to have my data backed up. A backup solution would cost a hell of a lot less than paying the hackers. Dumb…just plain dumb.

  8. So who are these creeps? China, Russia, North Korea? Governments of the world need to unite and go after these people. Trash their computers, steal their bank accounts, pursue prosecution in whatever country is harboring them. Failure of countries to cooperate should result in heavy financial penalties. I fail to believe that countries that put men on the moon, land probes on asteroids and build enormous jetliners that hual 300 people across a continent, are somehow incapable of dealing with these lowlifes. Surely it’s just lack of will. It’s the job of government to protect its citizens. Although I couldn’t be happier it was the state of New York for all the sick crap they’re pulling, they need to get busy and start making this a priority!

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