New Jersey Students Hack School WiFi Network to Skip Testing

It’s not the first time students breached a school’s network, and likely won’t be the last…

ust last month, Michigan students hacked into their school’s system to change their grades and attendance records.  Then, an Ohio student broke into their school’s system using a teacher’s credentials, and used the access to create a “hit-list” of students that included their names, addresses, and birth dates.

Now, to get out of taking tests and doing school work, two New Jersey Secuacus High School students brought down their school’s WiFi signal so students could not access the online curriculum.

Since a vast majority of the school’s classwork is done online, students were unable to access their work and classes were interrupted.

It is believed the students were using a program or application to perform a denial-of-service attack on the school’s WiFi equipment.  Based on interviews with other students, officials believe the two hackers used the program or application to send a plethora of traffic to the routers that in turn caused the systems to crash, as they became too congested to use. 

The school’s IT department has not completed an investigation to confirm these suspicions. 

According to the Secaucus Police Department, the two students are being charged with computer criminal activity and conspiracy to commit computer criminal activity.

Since the students are minors, their names are not being publicly released.

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2 thoughts on “New Jersey Students Hack School WiFi Network to Skip Testing

  1. In my book, students are being challenged every day to be educated to the modern day. Hacking into database or network is criminal activity and should be delt with.
    On the other hand, when are establishments going to learn to use a multi-network with better security. This would make the ‘challenge’ harder and the punishment for hacking greater.

    Hacking will never go away! Just make it harder or complicated, for this you need a REAL I.T. person, not just someone who previously installed his own computer.

  2. I would like to very much receive your newsletter but I can’t read very well even with using the accessory settings on my computer; wish we could go back to actually receiving the real thing. From what I can tell it’s very important information that all users should be made aware of and I am so glad that I have your software.

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