Employer Networks Left Exposed Due to Employee’s Poor Cyber Security Hygiene

Survey Confirms People Aren’t Practicing Good Cyber Security – And It’s Impacting Their Employers…

A recent study, conducted by PC Matic, dove into the password and cyber security hygiene of 5,000 computer users. The results have been proven concerning, primarily for businesses.

Users with poor cyber security hygiene often bring these negative habits to work with them. Unfortunately, for the employer, these behaviors could be detrimental to their network security.

The survey results confirm, 51% of respondents check their personal email while on their employer’s network. This should generate a security concern for employers. Why? Often times if a breach occurs, it is the user’s personal email and/or password that is leaked. Therefore, personal email accounts are often targeted by hackers for phishing scams. If employees fall victim to a phishing attack from their personal email account, on company networks, the malware could spread to other endpoints and/or servers connected to the same network.

Additionally, one in five respondents confirmed, they use the same password for their personal and work accounts. This in itself is highly concerning because if the employee’s password has been breached, and they’re using it in the workplace, hackers can easily use the information to breach the employer’s systems.

Theoretically, this would not be a problem if users were changing their passwords. But they aren’t. Half of all surveyors reported only changing their passwords when they were forced to, while another 24% stated they rarely change it, and 7% reported they have never changed their account passwords.

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