PC Matic Pro Co-Sponsors Booth at 2019’s FETC Event

We kicked off the first quarter of 2019 by co-sponsoring a booth with one of our partners at this year’s Future of Education and Technology Conference (FETC). FETC gathers the most dynamic and creative education professionals from around the world for an intensive, highly collaborative exploration of new technologies, best practices and pressing issues. 

In addition to our booth presence, we also sponsored a presentation featuring Colonel Jeff Gaynor. The presentation was designed to educate primary and secondary education IT professionals about the importance of cyber security and resilience in our education system. Jeff also heavily stressed the importance of educating our young generations about cyber security and tips on how they can help influence and teach them.

The FETC event included approximately 15,000 attendees from all kinds of education professionals including technology teachers, IT directors, and district employees.

Overall, the booth had significant traffic, and Jeff’s presentation was very well received. We are looking forward to capitalizing on the relationships created during this event.

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3 thoughts on “PC Matic Pro Co-Sponsors Booth at 2019’s FETC Event

  1. I have Norton, but it expires in about two weeks. We are not happy with their service. What is the difference between you and Norton. When we bought my wife’s computer at the box store, they put a product from their Geek Squad that has never done us any good. We want to be rid of ineffective products and go American.

    • There are several differences between PC Matic and Norton, however the most important would be our globally automated whitelist. This is what we use as our primary method of malware detection. Unlike Norton’s blacklist approach—which allows unknown files to run, PC Matic’s Whitelist will only allow known, trusted programs to run. All unknown files are tested by our malware research team, to ensure their security. This approach is effective in blocking modern cyber threats because regardless of how many malware variants there are—they are never a known trusted program.

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