Ironic Twist – Cyber Security Firm Hit with Ransomware

The cyber security firm Verint, was recently hit with an unknown ransomware variant. As if that is not ironic enough, the hackers targeted the company’s largest business operations, located in Israel. This is ironic since Verint reports they are a U.S. based company. It’s not shocking that the company has offices overseas, considering most security firms are outsourced. However, to claim to be a U.S. company, but then conduct most of your business in Israel is a bit of a stretch.

Users who were running the infected devices saw a popup message that stated,

“There is currently a critical issue affecting the on-premise Email and Green zone VDI [Virtual Desktop Infrastructure] services.”

The company’s IT department told all employees if they received the popup message to turn off their machine immediately and inform the help desk.

The cyber security firm is still working to resolve the issues as a result of the attack. The ransom demands have not been disclosed, nor have the company’s intentions to pay.

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