The Weather Channel Faces a Storm of Its Own

Ransomware Knocked The Weather Channel Off Air

On April 18, 2019, an unknown ransomware variant knocked The Weather Channel off the air. Fortunately, the interruption time was minimal, totaling approximately 99 minutes. While services were offline, the network played a prerecorded program until they were able to restore their systems.

The ransom demands have not been disclosed.


It would not be too shocking if we hear at a later time, that The Weather Channel paid the hackers the ransom demands. Why? Because in a vast majority of cases, restoring systems post-ransomware infection takes time. More than 99 minutes.

It also wouldn’t be surprising if we find out the ransomware variant used was Ryuk. This particular ransomware strain targets large businesses who have the means to pay the ransom demands and cannot afford downtime. This is the same ransomware variant that hit Tribune Publishing late last year.

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29 thoughts on “The Weather Channel Faces a Storm of Its Own

  1. This is probably another situation where black listing first for in & out traffic might have prevented this. Maybe it’s good time to sell them on PC-matic.

  2. I love PC Matic.I have it for my android phone and computer for home.Great job PcMatic you have the weather channel my favorite source for weather.

  3. How about a public execution for the A-holes doing this crap. Bet it will slow it down after a couple of good old head choppings.

  4. Does that include the iPads and iPhones? If not, will it ever be available?I trust PC matic and I really would feel better if I could have it on these gadgets as well. Thanks!

    • No. PC Matic is not compatible with iPads or iPhones. Right now, it is not on our roadmap — but that may certainly change.

  5. I put my father on PCMATIC. Not sure how, but he has gotten something in his Chrome browser called and I am unsure how to get rid of it.

    Did we maybe miss a step?

  6. Have had PC matic for 5 or 6 years and am a life time member. Wouldn’t be without it !! Covers my computers , phones and tablet. Excellent product.

    • PC Matic is compatible with Android devices. You’ll just need to go to the Google Play Store and download PC Matic for Android, then log in using your PC Matic credentials.

  7. I would like to know where/how their systems are introducing these viruses. You would think that information would be disseminated.

    • These cyber criminals are very good at covering their tracks. Even if they did know the country from which Ryuk originated, it’s entirely possible certain attacks are from other countries due to the distribution of the malware on the dark web.

  8. I was hit with ransom ware twice .
    I installed PC Matic about a year ago,no problems since!!
    Thanks PC MATIC!

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