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PC Matic Pro Joins Chamber of Commerce

With operations in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and headquarters in Sioux City, Iowa, PC Matic Pro had the opportunity to join both area Chambers of Commerce.

With the induction of PC Matic Pro into the Wilmington Chamber of Commerce, Paul Sitar, the Director of Global Business Development for PC Matic Pro, had the opportunity to present at a Chamber meeting. This opportunity allowed for an increase in brand recognition, and for local members and business owners to understand the importance of advanced cyber security to actively thwart modern cyber attacks.

In addition, PC Matic Pro recently joined the Sioux City Chamber of Commerce. Both of these partnerships will strengthen PC Matic Pro’s presence in local communities with the promotion of local partnerships.

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  1. I’ve just joined PC matic, as a senior with a laptop ,a iPad and cell phone, I hope I can understand all directions to begin being secure, and cleaning up for a little more speed I’m use to talking to a person so I can understand the Webb language. I’m self teaching myself and believe your company will keep me safe from intrusion s

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