Offering and Deploying Superior Protection

As a solution provider, whether it be at a VAR or MSP level, you must ensure you’re not only offering, but actively deploying the best security solution available. This year an MSP’s network was infected with ransomware, leaving not only their files encrypted, but the infection also impacted their clients as well.

A hard pill to swallow…

Customers are trusting you to provide them with the best protection for their environments, and you failed. Not only do you fail one client, but you failed several — all because your own systems weren’t fully protected.

As a VAR or MSP, you must set an example. If you’re protecting your own systems using an archaic solution that doesn’t block modern threats, why would your clients trust you to provide them with the best solution? They can’t.

Offering The Best

The FBI just released a report confirming the total losses related to cyber crime in 2018 was approximately $2.7 billion. This number, as well as the reported complaints of cyber crimes continue to increase year over year. As the client’s dependence on technology increases, their vulnerability to falling victim to a cybercrime event grow. Keep them protected.

Various government agencies including the FBI, NSA, DHS, and US-CERT and encouraged the use of application whitelisting to keep systems secure from cyber attacks.

If you aren’t already, you need to protect your own systems with a security solution that utilizes a whitelist as its primary method of malware detection. Then, you should offer your clients the same superior protection. Modern threats are only advancing — so should your security solution.

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