The Hamburglar Strikes Canadian My McD’s App Users

Canadian Users of the My McD’s App Suffer Security Breach

Canadians are losing hundreds of dollars to a shifty burger thief who is breaching their My McD’s apps and ordering a plethora of greasy goodness, all while charging it to their payment source on file. Most recently, Canadian journalist Patrick O’Rourke fell victim, with someone raking up a $1,500 USD McD’s bill under his account.

The question remains as to how this is being done. McDonald’s claims the security of their app is strong, yet these breaches continue to happen. At times, the orders will be placed in providences that the customer doesn’t reside in — yet no alerts are sent. One would also think if someone’s buying habits are far outside of the norm, like ordering hundreds of McNuggets, the user would be notified. Although, that hasn’t happened.

McDonald’s has urged users to change their login credentials, and not to share their information with others. To date, the fast food giant has not offered refunds to the victims. Alternatively, they have told users they will need to file fraud charges with their bank or credit card companies in order to request refunds for the fraudulent transactions.

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2 thoughts on “The Hamburglar Strikes Canadian My McD’s App Users

  1. First thing to do is to cancel the Mac account, and go to Burger King if you like this kind of food. Second thing is to let Maccas know what you’ve done. Vote with your feet.

  2. “Proofreaders? We need no stinkin’ proofreaders”:

    “in PROVIDENCES that the customer doesn’t reside in“

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