WhatsApp App Infected with Spyware

Hackers Have Corrupted WhatsApp for Surveillance Purposes

WhatsApp has begun urging its users to download the latest version of the software after finding spyware within the app. The company was recently targeted by Israeli’s NSO Group, which installed Pegasus, a malware that is often sold to intelligence agencies for audio, video, and SMS surveillance.

According to Newsweek, the NSO Group claims its spy tools are used for combating crime and terror, despite being linked to the surveillance of human rights groups in the past.

The spyware has been found on both Android and iOS versions of WhatsApp, after confirming the spyware was spread through a voice call. This is alarming, as the call didn’t have to be answered to successfully corrupt the app.

The total number of WhatApp users impacted by Pegasus is unclear. However, the company did push out a patch last week to address the security gap that the NSO Group exploited to corrupt the app. To access the update, Android users need to go to the Play Store, and tap the “Update” button that appears next to the WhatsApp logo. On Apple devices, users will complete the same process but will need to access it via the App Store.

In addition to updating the app to the latest version, users are also encouraged to keep their mobile device’s operating systems updated with the latest versions as well.

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2 thoughts on “WhatsApp App Infected with Spyware

  1. @Kim Smith
    Ha ha hahaha ha… An underdeveloped heart for a full grown man of good size? I call BS.

    @ the artice
    That’s one app I wouldn’t touch even after this fix. It’s not their first time they allowed their users to be damaged. They are a big target because of how many users they have, same as like Facebook… Big bullseye on their backs.

    Microsoft gets targeted all the time too.

    Thanks for reporting the news.

    I use Threema and Wickr, myself… Much more secure and ad free. Threema is randomly minutes or hours late delivering “instant” messages since 3 updates ago, but at least messages (single or group) arrive at their destination and we don’t read about them getting pwned.

    Some companies are so focused on feature development that they ignore their and your security. Sucks.

    Someone will always be hacked or infected each and every week. This is where I come to read and laugh at the hubris of the companies calling themselves secure one week, and then the next we read about their compromise by a small collective or single hacker.

  2. It is the Apartheid state of Israel that does the majority of spying on everybody. They are also the ones interfering in our electoral and foreign policy. They are “willing to sacrifice as many US military personnel to destroy Iran. Iran is not the threat. The US and the Apartheid state are a very serious threat to our country, our freedom, and are responsible for millions of lives taken for their oil and other natural resources. The Apartheid state also murders Palestinian children for illegal organ harvesting to be sold on the black market. It is rumored that Dick Cheney’s new heart was taken from a 13 year old Palestinian child.

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