New Feature: EDR Status

We’re excited to announce a new tool to research and control your devices. EDR Status currently encompasses three unique abilities within PC Matic Pro & MSP. Access the EDR Status tab from your sidebar menu.

Execution Research

Review all files that have executed within the last 60 days across your devices. You can easily search for files by name, vendor, or hash to locate a file and determine which devices on your network have seen that file execute.

Shutdown Devices

In addition to your current ability to reboot a device, you can quickly shutdown all or select devices on your network. When the shutdown command is sent the user is prompted and has a 30 second period before the shut down happens. The shutdown ability could easily be used to quickly remove a device from the network and avoid the spread of problems.

Disable Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP)

In addition to disabling RDP from the Vulnerabilities tab, you can easily disable RDP on all devices in an emergency from this report.

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