New Bitcoin App – It’s too good to be true.

Hackers Spread Ransomware and Trojans Through Fake Bitcoin App

Perhaps you’ve come across the newest “Bitcoin BTC Collector” program, which promises up to $45 worth of free cryptocurrency each day. Sounds great right — who doesn’t want some free money?! But, here’s why you shouldn’t do it. The app is a virus. The program is designed to infect your system with ransomware or password-stealing malware.

The scam is currently spreading through ads found on a series of sketchy websites. Upon clicking on the ad, the victim is taken to another website promoting the app. In an attempt to fool the user into believing the app is legitimate, the website includes a link to Virus Total, a legitimate virus monitoring platform.

If the user opts to install Bitcoin BTC Collector, the app will begin to infect their system with malware. The victim will either find their device completely encrypted with an unknown form of ransomware, or infected with a password-stealing Trojan. Either way — it’s not good.

Fortunately, Bitcoin BTC Collector is not found in any app stores, yet.

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3 thoughts on “New Bitcoin App – It’s too good to be true.”

  1. Lorraine Echavarry

    I am so happy to have paid for the lifetime membership, also included for the 10 devices. great it couldn’t get better than that?

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