100+ Fast Food Restaurants Suffer Data Breach

Fast Food Eatery Suffers Nationwide Data Breach

Checkers, also known as Rally’s, is a fast-food restaurant located throughout the United States. Although its claim to fame was its burgers and fries, it’s now gaining recognition for something less appetizing.

Late last week, the company confirmed select point-of-sale (PoS) systems were infected with malware. This has led to concerns of unauthorized access to customer payment data including debit/credit card numbers, expiration dates, customer names, and addresses. Fortunately, not every Checkers/Rally’s location was impacted. Click here for a full list of locations that have confirmed their PoS systems were impacted.

To be clear, just because the location’s systems were impacted, it doesn’t necessarily mean the hackers took information; although, it would be naive to believe they didn’t.

For those customers who have frequented the locations impacted by malware, it is advised they take a close look at their bank/credit statements. This includes current statements, as well as approximately six months previous.

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