Fortune 500 IT Company, Tech Data, Suffers Security Breach

IT Firm, Tech Data, Suffers Data Leak

Tech Data, a Fortune 500 distribution company specializing in IT products and services, has suffered a security breach. As a result of the cyber attack, customer and billing data has potentially been compromised.

Shortly after the security breach was identified, the company was able to secure the exposed server. But what made it vulnerable, to begin with? Ironically, the IT giant did not have password protection implemented and was not encrypting the data held within the server. Therefore, anyone was able to access the logs of internal company events and error data used by Tech Data staff to troubleshoot issues. Additional data points within the server included customer names, addresses, email addresses, invoicing data and payment information.

The exact number of customers impacted by the data breach is unclear.

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2 thoughts on “Fortune 500 IT Company, Tech Data, Suffers Security Breach”

  1. An IT company with no password and no encryption on it’s data. That is criminal negligence, and deserves to be met with a class action by one of the large “ambulance chasing” law firms.

    Only when they’re kicked in the hip pocket, both the companies and the employees responsible, and held to be financially liable, will they both learn that this is no longer a joke. At the moment, these incompetent entities and individuals, can just walk away from the mess they have created, and just tough luck on those whose security data they have allowed into the public domain.

    Any company who still does business with Tech Data, or signs up in the future, is just as stupid as them.

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