Ransomware Continues to Spread, Hitting Non-Profits and Municipalities

Hackers Continue to Spread Ransomware Campaigns Throughout the U.S.

Just yesterday news broke of a ransomware attack that hit the town of Edcouch in Texas. Now today another Texas city has confirmed they too have been hit with ransomware. City officials of Laredo have confirmed their city’s networks with riddled with an unknown ransomware variant. Although the ransom demands were not disclosed, it does not appear they paid the ransom.

Shortly after determining a malicious software was running on city systems, devices were shut down. After locating, and isolating the attack, they were able to remove the ransomware and restore networks using backup files from the day prior.

Another ransomware attack also hit the Auburn Food Bank in Washington. They too opted not to pay the ransom demands and will be replacing all impacted equipment. Unfortunately, this is projected to cost the organization thousands of dollars. The food bank is seeking community support to help raise the necessary funds.

Moving Forward

To avoid falling victim to the latest cyber threats, it is important organizations begin deploying security solutions the use application whitelisting to thwart malicious attacks. By using a whitelisting agent, only known, trusted programs will run on the network.

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