A Program Meant to Help, is Leaving Millions of Dell PCs Vulnerable

Security researchers confirm Dell’s SupportAssist software is vulnerable to cyber attack…

Computer manufacturing giant, Dell, is facing some significant security issues with a new vulnerability recently discovered in their health-check utility tool, SupportAssist. The security gap is found within PC-Doctor, a software used within Dell’s SupportAssist program. This flaw is leaving millions of Dell users exposed to cyber criminals.

Although there have been no confirmed reports of this vulnerability being used by hackers for malicious purposes, it is not to say it won’t happen soon.

Considering SupportAssist comes preloaded on millions of PCs, it is imperative Dell users update immediately. This vulnerability impacts Dell SupportAssist for Business PCs version 2.0. In addition, Dell SupportAssist for Home PCs version 3.2.1. has been impacted, as well as all prior versions. To update, users may visit Dell’s website, here.

Beyond Dell’s SupportAssist, PC-Doctor is also found in several other applications including:

  • Corsair ONE Diagnostics
  • Corsair Diagnostics
  • Staples EasyTech Diagnostics
  • Tobii I-Series Diagnostic Tool
  • Tobii Dynavox Diagnostic Tool

If users are deploying any of these programs, they are encouraged to reach out to the manufacturer for patch services as soon as possible.

By leaving the security gap unpatched, cyber criminals could potentially gain privileged access to the device, permitting unauthorized access to the device’s storage.

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9 thoughts on “A Program Meant to Help, is Leaving Millions of Dell PCs Vulnerable

    • Dell’s SupportAssist is not a component of the operating system, nor is it Windows specific. Therefore, it is possible you’re still vulnerable.

  1. I have been using a Dell computer for home use for years but I have never accessed or used their SupportAssist software and have no plans to. Is my computer still vulnerable?

    • If SupportAssist is installed, yes you would be vulnerable. A link to the patches Dell has available is included within the article.

    • The program is still vulnerable. Using PC Matic/SuperShield, will not permit the installation of malware, but you’re still leaving a security gap open by leaving it unpatched.

  2. Anybody know how to contact Dell via email? Support always sends you to SupportAssist, which of course is the problem at hand.

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