Hackers Profit Over $1M from Florida Municipalities in Just a Week

Two Florida Cities Pay Hackers Over $1 Million In Attempt to Restore Networks

Within the last week, you may have heard about the Florida city that paid cyber criminals $600,000 in an attempt to restore their networks. That city was Riviera Beach. In addition to paying the ransom demands, the city council also approved $1 million in funding to replace the impacted devices.

Prior to the Riviera Beach infection, another Florida municipality was hit with ransomware. This one was Lake City. This attack didn’t get nearly the publicity as Riviera Beach, because they didn’t pay the hackers. Immediately, anyway. However, after having their email systems down for over two weeks, the city has decided to give in. New reports have confirmed, the city of Lake City sent hackers a payment of $460,000 in bitcoin, a non-traceable digital currency.

These two attacks alone have cost Florida taxpayers over $1 million in ransom demands alone. Hackers are drooling. They have collected one million dollars, in a matter of seven days. Yet we wonder why cyber attacks are spreading like cancer.

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3 thoughts on “Hackers Profit Over $1M from Florida Municipalities in Just a Week

  1. Don’t these agencies do nightly back-ups? At worst, they may have lost a day’s worth of data. These scumbags should not be rewarded for stealing from others. If they ever catch any these maggot bags, they should get a mandatory life sentence without the possibility of parole. They should be forced to work 7 days a week to pay for their incarceration too.

  2. Why can’t the bitcoin payment be loaded with a tracker or virus malware that will toast the perpetrators? Fire back at them. Hire Anonymous to assist in the sting.

  3. It is NOT the municipalities money so WHY should THEY care? Just ANOTHER example of WHY government at ALL LEVELS needs to go away and ALLOW Anarch-Capitalism to FIX THE MESS we created for ourselves. HINT: The SAME THINKING that caused the problem is NEVER going to SOLVE the problem of its own creation. IMPOSSIBLE!

    “See the impossible AS impossible, then the possible BECOMES possible.” Vernon Howard

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