Microsoft Dropped the Ball and Didn’t Tell Anyone…

Microsoft Turns Off Registry Backups Without Warning

Approximately eight months ago, Microsoft decided they were going to turn off the registry backups in Windows 10. Why? To decrease the registry footprint on the device. This may not be a major deal if Microsoft would have informed users. However, they did not.

Instead, users would get a notification that the “operation completed successfully”, despite no backup file was actually created. This alone created a false sense of security. Business and home users who relied on registry backups if a system restore point failed, were left with nothing.

This is yet another issue the Windows 10 operating system has created for users. It wasn’t the first and will not be the last. Unfortunately, it is instances like this that create resistance for users to update their systems to the latest version of Windows. However, by failing to update, security vulnerabilities may be left unpatched. It’s a double edge sword.

Finding the Duller Side

Users should keep their devices updated. By failing to do so, they are leaving a backdoor open for hackers to exploit their networks. However, by updating, they do run the risk of experiencing issues within the latest version of Windows 10. There have been several reports with Windows 10 stability issues, resulting in users experiencing a Blue Screen of Death. It happens. PCs crash, Windows updates often wreak havoc, and systems fail.

If your files are not backed up, you may lose everything. We know how detrimental that may be, which is why PC Matic has partnered up with InstantRescue.

InstantRescue creates a rescue area which allows you to instantly restore your entire working Windows environment in the event software corruption renders your system unusable or unstable. InstantRescue is available for Windows devices and will go into automatic recovery mode if your PC fails to reboot three times in a row.

Check out their special annual pricing for coverage on up to five PCs here.

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36 thoughts on “Microsoft Dropped the Ball and Didn’t Tell Anyone…

  1. Dave, MS just upgraded my W10 laptop, telling me it was the wrong W10. Thanks to their upgrade to a newer W10, they removed the media player, which I need, as this laptop is used strictly for playing music at nursing homes. Now I’m scrambling to revert back to the previous W10 & reinstall a media player I’m quite familiar & comfortable using. When will MS stop forcing lousy upgrades & new OS’s that drive us away? There was nothing wrong with W7 or XP. Never had any problems with them.

  2. I have had PC Matic for a couple of years and I thought everything was fine. I’d get a message that my computer was checked out and was functioning okay. And then, a couple of weeks ago, my computer locked up in a ‘safe mode’. PC Matic seemingly was completely unaware of this since they kept send notices that my computer was okay. I had a local tech attempt to resolve the problem and this was unsuccessful. On his recommendation, I purchased a new computer.
    Last week, I was infected with a virus that locked the computer up and with a message to call Microsoft which I did. They were not only able to solve the problem on the new computer, they also solved the issue with the old one as well. Interestingly enough, the messages saying my old computer was functioning as well were still coming through even though it was not even on. Needless to say, I was not a happy camper.
    PC Matic: Please cancel my subscription.

    • Hello Ronald,
      I have canceled your autorenewal. You will still be able to use your existing subscription until 2/11/2020. Please understand, based on the information you have provided, it sounds like what was on your computer was a fake virus scam. You may learn more about this at — this is not actually a virus, but a scam for you to call the number and have the scammer fix a nonexistent issue. Since it is not malware, antivirus solutions do not block it. PC Matic does block it, however, through their adblocker, in the Chrome browser.

  3. If you are concerned with your version of windows ending support, I would (did) download a version of Linux and start playing with it. Linux doesn’t have to be installed to test it. The only problems I’ve had with Linux is playing online games (do you need online games.?).

  4. No one “MUST” move from 7 just because M$ isn’t going to release updates. Use it as long as you can. I know people still running XP.

    Until such a time as you can’t get a working anti-virus or browser, feel free to stay with Win 7. After that, install Linux Mint Mate. I promise that for most folks, it does the job BETTER than M$. It’s free, so nothing to lose.

    I moved away from M$ in 2009 & never looked back. I access my email through the web browser, use Libre Office (included in Mint), also comes with VLC (media) + GIMP (Photoshop-like editor). You have a built-in software manager filled with lots of other programs you can simply click “install” and have them immediately (aka: Skype, Shutter (screen capture), games, etc…

  5. I currently have Windows 7 home. I cannot afford a new computer. What happens to folks like me after first of the year when Microsoft leaves me hanging.

  6. I have PC Matic and my system was HACKED! I had to pay $50 to HP for them to get control of my system again. Disappointed in PC and have had them for years.

  7. Microsoft seems to be disabling things on Windows 7. After a recent update, a couple weeks ago, I am no longer able to use my Windows media player to rip cd’s, as I get a box stating that the website to find cd data does not exist. Also, when I insert a cd, it will not play, nor does it play when I select drive D. Instead, I get a message that states there is no drive D on my computer. Yet, if I use Realplayer or EAC, they read the cd perfectly. I have a laptop, Windows XP, that was upgraded to Windows 7, that now tells me that I don’t have any program to connect to the internet. I have downloaded the program from the manufacturer & reinstalled it a dozen times & it still does not work. Microsoft has turned my laptop into a flying brick. They are pushing my family to switch to Apple products as soon as we can afford one.

    • Microsoft is ending support for Windows 7 in a few months, so they are probably starting to ramp down that operating system. For the best security, I would consider upgrading to Windows 10.

  8. Kenny Mazzanti, it sounds like your explorer.exe stops running. When your icons go away, try keying CTRL+R, type “explorer.exe” and press enter. It’s a trick I learned over a decade ago to combat the same situation.

  9. Microsoft doesn’t do ANYTHING to “help the end user” of their OS– NOTHING. They already have your $$$$$, they’re done with you.

    So, they’re saying they “care about the space consumed by the registry”? REALLY?

    Hahahahaha! Oh, PULEEZE! They care about having a strange-hold and manipulation of you to make THEM $$$$$$$$$$$. That, is the extent of M$’s “care”. All BS, 24/7.

    The registry is, at most, around 10GB’s in size. TEN. In a world of 500- 3,000 GIGABYTES of local storage & unlimited cloud, ask yourself WHY they would do this. It’s nefarious at the least and extremely worrisome at best.

  10. I have had PCMatic for several years now. I wish I cou;d trust MS and wi8ndows 10, unfortunately their %^#@ chuckle head habit of “We made some changes while you were asleep. Surpri-ise!” leave me no choice but turn off all their security apps, and let PCMatic do its thing.

  11. My PC Matic was working fine until June17. On June 18 it started working intermittently, about every other time I tried to run it. On June 29 it stopped working completely and has not worked since. I ran through a list of potential issues with your support team but was not able to get it working. When I realized a Microsoft update had occurred just prior to the issue starting, I gave this information to your team but have not heard from them since June 30.

    • Hi Ronnie,
      We appreciate your patience. I looked at your helpdesk history and it does look like our lead support supervisor is looking into this. I will email him now to see if he’s made any progress. I apologize for the delay and any inconvenience.

  12. I have not “upgraded to Windows 10, and am still using Windows 7. That will not longer be supported the first of next year. I am having an issue with my screen icons disappearing. Ctrl+Alt+Del results in a black screen. Esc clears that black screen only to leave a desktop with no icons, and the unit is unresponsive. I have to restart the computer manually to get it to display icons. I used PC Matic to do a complete scan yesterday. It took more than 8 hours, and this morning I awoke to having no icons again.

  13. Several years ago I tried PCmatic and had troubles so I tried to reach out to get help and could not find any phone numbers. I did receive a refund. I would like to try again IF you provide a Help Line number.

    • Hello,
      We do not offer phone based support. We have found in our 20+ years of service, online support is the most effective and efficient for our customers.

  14. I had problems with InstantRescue. Some W10 updates erase the hard drive boot sector causing the pc to not boot. Have to run a couple of .bat files to correct (see tech support faq). After that it still did not see the hard drive and I had to go into the boot menu to manually select it. Need to do this after normal shutdowns, too. App is not instant and am not confident it will rescue.

  15. Kayla Elliot,
    I have evergreen, and generally PCmatic has seemed to work well for a couple of years. Right now some popups and “slide-ins” under Chrome have gotten past me and they are an iritant since they show up I used to have zone alarm but when it appeared to have a Kaspersky origin element I switched over to an American made and supported project. I just loaded Raxco instant Recovery,the one you mention as partnered with PCMatic software and discover it is apparently of British origin — but it would not install and 24/7 connection does not work for support even with a Cleverbridge download of their software. I can’t reach their technical support. You could send me an email through my email address for pcmatic product I have.
    Thanks, I used to have a newsletter, so I know the effort you have to put in.

    • If you need assistance connecting with their support team, you may reach out to our technicians. They will be able to assist you with connecting to InstantRescue’s support staff. Thank you!

  16. When I bought a utility disk to speed up my PC, it told me to disable the security app, which I did and boom! MY C drive got busted….must be about the time Windows 10 was updating huh. Cost me a new drive and money for a shade tree repairman. Lost 90 percent of harddrive.

  17. I do not use Windows OS, I have Linux Mint 19.1 Tessa and Ubuntu 18.04.2 Creative on my Computer Hard Drives. We have a Laptop in our front room, it has Windows 10 on it, and I so hate that Operating System. Anyone who does like it is nuts because Windows 10 is the worst Operating System ever made.

  18. I used pc Matic for several years. It stopped working and when I contacted the help department they were essentially useless to me. I’m not a computer jock and many things they told me to do I was unable to accomplish. They next directed me to websites that charged fees. I tried a couple and they didn’t work. Money not well spent. I had pages of back and forth emails with pc Matic with no results. It finally somewhat starting working on it’s own a couple of weeks later the shield portion never did work again. At renewal time I didn’t renew. I really wanted to continue to use an American based product but they couldn’t/wouldn’t help me. I use trend now and I don’t believe it is as good but at least it works

    • Hi Terry, If you find yourself interested in coming back to PC Matic, please let us know. I will connect you with our support staff supervisor to ensure everything is set up correctly. We would love to have you back!

  19. I am less of a fan of Apple as a company than I am of Microsoft but I’m tired of Windows 10 and the constant major upgrading and updating. If you people can’t get it right then why did you force it on us by all but eliminating XP? None of the replacement OS Microsoft came out with since including Windows 10 can compare with XP. My next computer will be an Apple.

  20. Why have my 2 computers not been cleaned for two weeks. I requested the office system be checked daily. I am adding information daily. My laptop only once a week. When I check on them the message I get is they have not been checked for TWO WEEKS. WHY

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