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Cyber Attacks Begin Bypassing Local Governments, Advancing to State Agencies

Are Cyber Criminals Going to Begin Targeting State Agencies?

Ransomware has been on a rampage lately, with news breaking of cyber attacks successfully infiltrating multiple local government municipalities. In June alone, news broke of cyber attacks taking down Fayette County, OH; Lake City, FL; Riviera Beach, FL; and Key Biscayne, FL. Today, the Georgia Courts Agency confirmed they too have fallen victim to a ransomware attack. Although, the exact variant that took down this state agency is unknown, and the ransom demands are also not being disclosed.

This isn’t the first time court networks were infected. In February 2016, Arizona Superior Court was infected. Then in March 2018 the Connecticut court systems were targeted. Next, the Pennsylvania Online Courts suffered a ransomware attack in May 2019. The fear is, as cyber attacks continue to grow and become more prominent, these attacks at a state level will increase, potentially growing into the federal government space.

Other Cyber Attacks

For a list of ransomware attacks that have already taken place in 2019, you may click here. We have also created a map, see below, of the cyber attacks that have taken place in the U.S.

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