Ransomware Corrupted UK’s Largest Police Forensics Contractor

With a slew of attacks hitting US public municipalities, it may seem to some that hackers have given up on targeting other businesses. This couldn’t be more inaccurate. Cyber criminals are casting wide nets, hoping to catch what they can. And boy did they…

Over the weekend, reports confirmed one of the UK’s biggest forensics contractors, Eurofins Scientific, fell victim to a cyber attack.

The attack actually occurred a few weeks ago, however, the company just made their first public statement regarding the incident. Additionally, reports have confirmed that the company did indeed pay the ransom demands in hopes to expedite the restoration process. The amount of the ransom payment has not been publicly disclosed. The exact ransomware variant that corrupted the data also remains unknown.

The investigation is still ongoing, meaning the extent of the damages is unknown. However, based on what has been confirmed so far, it is not believed any data was taken.

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