Iranian Hacking Group Begins Targeting US Corporations and LinkedIn Users

The cyber war has begun…

The U.S. and their allies have begun cyber strikes against the Iranians and its government. However, Iran isn’t going down without a fight. Considering a large hacking group originates from Iran, the Department of Homeland Security issued a public warning regarding an increase in Iranian hackers targeting public entities. Today, those concerns have come to fruition.

Security researchers have confirmed the Iranian hacking group, APT34, has begun targeting U.S. corporations, and are going about it in a very strategic way.

Hackers Use Social Media To Spread Malware

APT34 is targeting LinkedIn users, specifically those who are employed in the financial, energy and government sectors. Hackers are sending fraudulent “connection” invitations riddled with malicious attachments. From there, if the user downloads them, they open up a backdoor for hackers to gather and steal user credentials and data. This may not be too alarming from a business perspective considering the group is targeting individuals on a social network. However, this can come back on the employer in two ways.

First, users identify where they work on the LinkedIn platform. If they were to download malicious attachments, hackers would have the ability to gain user credentials. Considering those data points are often used across personal and professional systems, the hackers could then conduct a cyber attack on that business using stolen credentials. It only gets worse if the users are checking social media accounts on company networks. If they were to do this, the hackers then have a backdoor to the company network.

According to Forbes, one of the fraudulent invitations comes from “Rebecca Watts” claiming to be a Cambridge University researcher. If you receive this invitation, delete the request immediately. Additionally, users should proceed with caution when accepting invitations from parties they do not know. It is best if you do not know the person, to disregard the invitation.

Stay safe out there!

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7 thoughts on “Iranian Hacking Group Begins Targeting US Corporations and LinkedIn Users

  1. Those who question why we even need a government are most likely Anarchist (aka, Antifa) Same people who want open borders. If you live in a country with no government and open borders and are happy, I’m happy for you. Why, you ask, do we (U.S.) need a government. Besides the obvious, According to our constitution, To protect us(U.S.) from all enemies, foreign and domestic. You can argue till you’re blue in the face about who threw the first punch, I just want to throw the last punch that stops the attack.

  2. Government? We seem to get on well without them. Case in point. I’m from the North of Ireland and we haven’t had one for neigh on 3 years now. We get on fine, police go about their business, dustbins are lifted, councils look after grass cutting, roads, etc.. Just why do we need a government again? Seems their only function is to use up public money, keep a few big wigs in riches and start wars with other countries.

  3. I have built and managed several websites that supports user accounts. My biggest task in managing the websites was to validate membership requests daily. Ninety mine percent of the requests were from China, Russia, Venesula, and many others. My websites never in invited foreign memberships. They were attempts to hack and compromise the sight.

    Do you think that should be allowed? Do you think it is improper for the US Government to help protect Americans from hacking by foriegn attacts ?

  4. Really? WE cyberattack another country and you REALLY expect them NOT to hit back? We seem to do a lot of that ‘We’re going to attack YOU, but don’t you dare retaliate. Fair is fair.

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