Mega Medical Breach Impacts 183K Patients

Medical Breach Exposes Thousands of New Mexico’s Patients

On August 2, 2019, Presbyterian Healthcare Services confirmed they had become the victim of a data breach. The medical breach was a result of an employee clicking on a malicious email. Upon doing so, the employee inadvertently launched malware which was used to gather personal information on approximately 183,000 New Mexico patients and health plan members.

The information exposed included the names, birth dates, and Social Security numbers. It is not believed any of this information has been used maliciously. However, Presbyterian Healthcare Services is notifying those whose information was leaked via U.S. mail.

The facility’s President and CEO, Dale Maxwell, shared the following statement,

“At Presbyterian, we take the responsibility of protecting the privacy of our patients and members very seriously. We deeply regret that this event occurred and are committed to taking steps to help prevent this type of incident from happening again.”

It is recommended all Presbyterian Healthcare Service members keep an eye on their medical statements for accuracy. It is also recommended for each person impacted by the leak, to monitor their credit due to their personally identifiable information being exposed.

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7 thoughts on “Mega Medical Breach Impacts 183K Patients

  1. The Question: “Wouldn’t it be nice if users were better informed on all things infosec?”
    Answer: Yes! Yes! Yes!
    But it would have to be done as though the informer was talking to those of us who have not kept up with the tech jargon. In other words in plain Language of the area in which they live.
    I began using computers when the only operating home system was DOS. So i have not kept up with the Windows, or other sources (they also still use DOS as a base).
    I taught adults in the use of computers and their personal and business programs. Had to design my own curriculum. Then the first thing I would do was have them delete the entire computer. #2 was to give them a floppy disk to re-install the information. It was a graphic explanation of why to have backups.
    It worked.

  2. “At Presbyterian, we take the responsibility of protecting the privacy of our patients and members very seriously.”

    Apparently not.

  3. how about stop letting medial computers have interconnected internet access,
    Take a hint from the Battlestar Galactica TV series (newest one – movies too). Stop tying them all in together.

  4. I think the remarkable part is, how come my antivirus would catch that email as soon as it hit my inbox. Yet these big companies, who pay far more for theirs, yet can’t catch a malicious email??

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