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PC Matic Commercials – Q2 2019

As a product, PC Matic stands out against our competition in several ways. However, our products aren’t the only thing that set us apart. Over the past few years, PC Matic has been able to make sales in a way that no other security software provider has been able to do. Television advertising. We update our commercials frequently; announcing new PC Matic features, alerting consumers to new security threats and demonstrating how PC Matic’s whitelist is the only security product that blocks every type of virus and malware, including zero-day threats. We released three commercials during Q2 of 2019.


When government of Jackson County, Georgia paid a $400K ransom to restore their network, it was clear that the IT people of Jackson County chose an inferior, foreign-made antivirus. PC Matic is the only American-made antivirus, with sales, support, research and development done within our borders. This commercial outlines our mission to protect American homes, businesses and government agencies with superior, affordable, easy-to-use antivirus made right here in America.

PC Matic Plus Technical Support for Windows PC, Mac OS and Android Devices

Not A Spectator

This commercial was produced at PC Matic’s Spring Company Meeting, and introduces several of our key staff members. Our team refuses to stand by while cyber criminals attack American homes, businesses and government agencies. We will not be spectators. We are the Ransomware Resistance.

PC Matic for Home & Business
PC Matic for Home & Office Prevents Ransomware and Malware

South Carolina Proud

PC Matic is a 100% work-from-home company, with employees spanning the USA from coast to coast. However, a majority of our leadership, marketing, research and development is proudly done in South Carolina. This commercial aired exclusively in South Carolina, and features a few of our employees from the state.

PC Matic with Software Support is Made in the USA
PC Matic Plus support, PC Matic Customer Service, PC Matic Phone Number

As a result of an increase in ransomware and malware incidents PC Matic has developed additional security software features to fight cyber-intrusions. Due to more incidents, good computer security in the home and office is a growing concern for users. Learn more about PC Matic Pro Security Software, and discover who is the girl in the PC Matic commercial?

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