Feature Update: RDP Scheduling

Last night we rolled out a new feature for all PC Matic Pro and MSP accounts to help you better control Remote Desktop Protocol on your devices. These feature improvements come in two main areas with the goal of improving the way your device displays RDP status and the control you have over RDP on a daily basis.

Device Status

With our changes to device status, you will now see a new status icon for each Windows device on your account relating to RDP. Within the Device list, a new orange RDP icon will display next to a device only if RDP is currently active on that machine. If RDP is disabled, no icon will display.

The device ‘Demo Remote’ shows an RDP Active status on the right side.

We strongly encourage you to keep RDP turned off at all times when it is not actively being used. Cyber Criminals have turned to RDP as their favorite attack vector for spreading ransomware.

RDP Scheduling

There are also new and improved controls for RDP on each device. When on an individual device’s page you can move through the Actions menu and find ‘Remote Desktop Protocol’. This action will now allow you to fully enable or disable RDP, set up a temporary enabled window, or a reoccurring schedule to open RDP for that device. It’s important to note that only one option can be used at a time, if you have a schedule set for a device and decide to enable RDP fully, it will erase the schedule you had set.

In addition to scheduling, you can now take offline actions while controlling RDP for a device. Any action you take while a device is offline will be put into a queue and immediately take effect when that device comes back online.

If you have any feedback about these new features or other features in PC Matic, please use the UX/UI Suggestions under Support.

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