New Feature: Device Authentication

We’re excited to introduce Device Authentication for your PC Matic Pro account! Cyber Criminals are targeting third-party tools to carry out ransomware attacks manually. This year in Texas, 23 cities were infected with ransomware after a tool used by several MSPs was compromised by hackers. With our new device authentication, you create a whitelist of devices that can access your PC Matic management console to prevent unauthorized access. Device Authentication is available at no added cost for all PC Matic Pro customers.

Authentication can be turned on for the Admin user in Account Options > Authentication, and each individual user on your account from Manage Users.

How’s it all work?

Once you enable authentication, it begins with a seamless login process for the user. They can sign in just like normal, and even get a free device authorization to start. During the login process, they’ll be prompted to download and install a small piece of software we use to authenticate their device. This only needs to be installed once on each device. For the user’s first login to the console, that device is automatically authorized with no interaction needed from an admin.

To manage device authorizations in the future, navigate to Account Options > Authentication. Here you can review all login activity from your team and quickly authorize or deauthorize devices. Actions taken here will happen in real-time so you can easily allow the user access on a new device the moment they need it.

What’s Next?

We’re planning to expand support for authentication in PC Matic Pro to other Operating Systems beyond Windows after this initial launch. If you have UI or feature suggestions, please use the UX/UI Suggestions section inside of Support from your console.

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