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Avoid becoming a victim of an expensive scam

PC Matic customer service is great for assisting customers with more than just issues revolving around the PC Matic products. In recent weeks, internet scams have increased as a result of the holiday season. Our customer service team wants you to be safe so they put together some information below to help you spot scams.

Unfortunately, no antivirus is going to protect you from giving someone access to your personal information through legitimate channels. What does that mean? Two weeks ago I received a very convincing looking email from Apple support telling me my account was in danger. Hmm, strange. I’ve learned a lot about internet scams, so I did my safety checks.

First, I looked at the email address the email was sent from. It was a dead giveaway. Rather than being from Apple support, it was a long string of numbers and letters from a strange address. I knew immediately that any links in the email were phishing links and trying to compromise my personal information.

In college, I fell for one of these scams that looked like it was from eBay. Lucky for me, eBay noticed right away that my account had been compromised. Even though no money was stolen, I still had to close my bank account and redo all of my payment options. It left a broke college student without access to funds for over a week. That was agonizing and such a pain.

Trust me when I tell you, it’s not what you want to happen to you. Take a look at the information below and reach out with any questions about security online. While we think that using PC Matic is your best option for staying safe online, ultimately we just want you to be safe.

With love, from PC Matic Customer Support

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