PC Matic Announces Release of RDP Lifeline Feature

Another layer of protection from PC Matic

Today PC Matic released their new RDP Lifeline feature for PC Matic Pro and PC Matic MSP users. We’ve talked before about closing remote desktop protocol (RDP) ports. An RDP port, in a nutshell, is an access port found within devices that enables users to gain access to a network remotely. It’s also a great way for hackers to back end their way into your system.

PC Matic has put its whitelist power to work yet again by creating RDP Lifeline, a product meant to secure and monitor RDP ports. In addition to introducing innovative whitelist RDP technology, the product also boasts realtime alerting, expansive audit logs, and remote RDP control all wrapped up within a cloud based user interface.


Whitelisting technology takes a default-deny approach, meaning anything not recognized will automatically be blocked from executing on your system. RDP Lifeline uses this philosophy to block all unknown devices that attempt to connect to your RDP ports.

The product keeps you in the know by sending text or email alerts with links to help you manage the whitelist, kill the session, disable RDP, or even shut down the device until you return to it. That way you won’t need to worry when leaving your machine.

Extensive reporting offered with RDP Lifeline keeps records of RDP sessions both attempted and successful and how often they’ve happened. The reporting feature records IP addresses along with device and location and length of time of a session.

All of this is accessible within a cloud based console, the benefit of which means you can manage your security and monitoring features anywhere you have internet access. With such a light footprint, RDP Lifeline won’t slow down your machine either. It’s a win-win.

RDP Lifeline has been added to PC Matic Pro and PC Matic MSP at no additional charge for our customers.

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22 thoughts on “PC Matic Announces Release of RDP Lifeline Feature”

  1. I have PC Matic Evergreen-lifetime enrollment.
    I don’t see any mention of whether my product has this new offering, nor have I ever had successful e-mail communication with PC Matic thru their system on their web site.
    Please tell me if I have this and PLEASE fix your system so I can communicate with you.
    I use either Internet Explorer or Google and neither gets thru.
    I know Yahoo bought Bell South and ATT bought Yahoo, but these are no excuse for your company to be inaccessible to me when I use my primary e-mail which is @bellsouth.net.

    1. Hi Stephen,

      This product is available for PC Matic Pro and PC Matic MSP. Have you been corresponding with support@pcmatic.com? The only reason you wouldn’t be able to communicate with us is if there were filters or firewalls on your end blocking us. Please try reaching out again.

  2. Wayne D Peterkin

    Question: On rare occasions, I have needed some PC technical help (Windows 10) from my son who lives out of state and has serious experience in PC technical support. To provide his assistance, he has, with my help at my end, logged on to my machine remotely to monitor an issue and even initiate some maintenance. Would this new product prevent his helping me?

    1. Hi Wayne, this is for the professional and managed services products only. It won’t affect your home account at all.

  3. Is RDP Lifeline a stand alone product? Works (and dont mess up) on old systems like windows server 2003? Theres an evaluation download?

  4. I presume that PCMatic Pro is the Business version and not the personal version that i got for $150 life-time license.
    Next time you make an announcement about a new feature that is only in the Business/Pro version, i think it should be made more explicite that it does not apply to the personal version.


    1. Good point Scott! I guess that’s why we were able to get a lifetime deal so cheaply. None of the new features and improvements will apply to the personal version

      1. Bill, in this particular case, RDP Lifeline is a tool specifically used to manage and protect the use of Remote Desktop Protocol in a business/enterprise environment.

        Your PC Matic Evergreen license will continue to protect your home devices for the rest of your life, and includes all new features and updates!

  5. Michael Zonfrillo

    So this service is not available to individual users? And is it even needed for users that don’t have server operations?

  6. Love the fact that you guys are working hard to make my online experience safer…even when I don’t have the expertise…Congratulations…!!! Keep it up…Merry Christmas and a wonderful new year…!!!

    1. PC Matic Pro and PC Matic MSP include the RDP Lifeline feature. Home users do not need RDP management, as they are able to manage their single port through their PC settings.

    1. It stands for Remote Desktop Protocol, and is a port functionality on all PCs enabling users to gain access to networks remotely.

    1. An MSP is a managed service provider. They are available to assist with the management of various pieces of IT, including cyber security.

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