MSPs and Me

What is an MSP?

You may have heard the term MSP recently. What is it, and why should it matter to you? MSP stands for Managed Service Provider. They provide a range of services for individuals who are looking to outsource their IT needs.

Who’s it for?

Most often this service applies to businesses who want someone to provide outside IT. Outsourcing this management allows a business to get the full benefits of an IT professional for a reasonable rate. Many MSP providers have various packages with different services and price points.

There are specialized MSPs who provide management for small non-profit organizations or religious environments. These providers are easing the burden of IT management for institutions that don’t have IT savvy people working with them.

On occasion, you can find an MSP that will provide management for your home network. Those are usually smaller, one person operations looking to have a side job.

Who to look for

Whatever your IT needs, you should be asking questions of any potential providers. What software are they using? How often will they be monitoring your machines? What is their AV platform? Do they have policies in place if your data is compromised?

While there are countless programs and services offered by MSPs, PC Matic suggests going with one who utilizes an antivirus product using application whitelisting. It’s the most effective way to stay safe in our current environment of rampant malware.

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3 thoughts on “MSPs and Me”

  1. Please don’t link the term MSP to criminal activities unless you also explain that it also stands for Maryland State Police, a State of Maryland acronym well known and respected by residents, and by those of us who have been employed by the organization. Thanks, and keep up the good work.

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