PC Matic Announces Release of Game Changing Ransomware Lifeline

A Multi-Layered Approach

Today PC Matic is announcing the release of our newest product, Ransomware Lifeline. The Ransomware Lifeline product is designed to work seamlessly and as an additional layer of security with the user’s current AV software. Ransomware Lifeline mounts unrivaled EDR and reporting tools into the solution and provides IT staffers with unique controls of devices from its easy to use cloud-based console.

Ransomware Lifeline uses breakthrough technology in the whitelisting space to remove the immense amount of manual work that comes with a traditional whitelisting solution. Our global whitelist is managed by a team of professional malware researchers that automatically analyze blocked unknown applications and categorize them globally. Can’t wait to run a new application? IT Administrators have the ability to locally override for your entire account.

Experts recommend deploying a security environment with a layered approach to protect resources and data, while using application whitelisting as the fail safe layer. It’s a simple approach to security, if any malware makes it through all of the above layers, Ransomware Lifeline blocks it from running on the workstation because it is not a known good application. Simple as that.

The Details

Whitelist Layer: Ransomware Lifeline provides default-deny protection against unknown malware and ransomware on your network. Using our global whitelist, we remove the work that normally comes with Application Whitelisting; a NIST recommended approach.

Unrivaled EDR Tools: Respond to activity inside your network from anywhere in the world. Quickly VNC into a user’s machine, open a Remote CMD Prompt to run scripts locally, browse and upload to file directories, remotely shutdown or reboot in bulk, and more.

Expansive Reporting: Retain detailed logging on executions and blocks in your environment. You can easily track when and where an application was blocked. Add simple overrides, and target specific files for quarantine with one click across your entire network of devices.

To purchase, please visit www.pcmatic.com/ransomwarelifeline.

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