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PC Matic Offers Free Endpoint Protection for Businesses Affected by COVID-19

The Shift In The American Workforce

PC Matic has always been a work from home company. As many American businesses are taking precautions against COVID-19, their workforce is moving to a similar model. Working from home can be greatly rewarding for both employers and employees. However, companies who aren’t used to the dynamic should be taking extra precautions as they navigate this new wave of employment.

As employees move off of employer provided internet access and go home to work from their own ISPs and machines, employers need to make sure systems are in place to keep company information safe. Phishing attacks are up. The long term solution for this is always education. The immediate solution, however, is application whitelisting.

Application Whitelisting: Why It Matters

Now, more than ever, application whitelisting should be a part of any business’ security plan. Having a default deny solution in place will help patch any of the holes created when employees have to shoulder more of the company’s security burden.

Application whitelisting on an employee computer will stop any unknowns from executing on the employee’s machine. This is especially important if employees are accessing their workload on their own personal computers. The chance of crossover infection is higher when someone is doing their personal browsing and work load from the same machine.

Immediate Need

Many companies shifted last week to a work from home platform without much warning or ability to prepare. There’s now an immediate need to secure at home employees.

PC Matic is offering free Pro accounts to businesses with the need through June 30th. PC Matic Pro comes with our onboarding support, which will help you install and configure correctly from the beginning. Businesses will be able to cover all their employees and install remotely with continued assistance from our trained and experienced staff.

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Securing RDP

As more employees move to work from home, more companies will be leaving RDP open for employees to access networks. This is great news for cybercriminals. PC Matic’s RDP Lifeline feature will help schedule, close, and monitor RDP sessions all with an easily accessible kill switch. This can be the difference between a safe work environment and a crippling ransomware attack in our now uncertain economy.

Incoming Cyber Attacks

As the world continues to try to battle and contain COVID-19, cybercriminals will take advantage of the panic. Between compromised home employees, phishing attempts, and RDP attacks, there will be more need than ever to secure networks. However, an employer staying clear headed and prepared, will be able to navigate this new field.

Being able to monitor and and troubleshoot remotely with PC Matic Pro will be a company’s best friend against an onslaught of new attacks. The PC Matic Pro console allows administrators to view all of the machines installed from a single window. Subsequently, administrators will be able to troubleshoot directly from the console.

The New Landscape

As we navigate these new waters of employment during the pandemic, businesses can rely on American made PC Matic to provide support and safety. For more information on PC Matic Pro free for businesses, please visit us here.

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  1. Thank you for this insightful and educational information Sir.

    On a question for myself and other lifetime subscribers of PC Matic. Is there a need for us tp purchase our VPN needs from another company or does PC Matic provide a paid version we can buy?

    Thank you again for the update and thoughts..

    Gary Wagnon, Sr
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