PC Matic Pro Addresses RDP Threats with New Product

PC Matic Pro Now Offers Standalone RDP Protection

It should come as no surprise that businesses, nonprofits, and local municipalities have had a growing target on their backs when it comes to cyber crime. Hackers have found remote desktop protocol (RDP) ports to be an easy access point to infect company networks, effectivity granting them the ability to execute various forms of malware, including ransomware. In an effort to minimize the threat of these attacks, PC Matic Pro has announced the launch of RDP Lifeline. RDP Lifeline is a standalone product that works seamlessly with existing cybersecurity solutions deployed within the network.

RDP Lifeline

PC Matic Pro’s RDP Lifeline manages the risk of malicious attacks executing through the remote desktop protocol (RDP) ports with the use of comprehensive RDP reporting and management tools. First, IT admins are able to schedule RDP sessions networkwide as well as specific to certain devices, down to the minute of when these ports should be open. Secondly, they have the capacity to enable and disable RDP sessions with a simple click. Third, IT admins will have access to comprehensive logs of all remote session activities. RDP Lifeline also uses device authentication when granting remote access. This security feature ensures only authorized parties are gaining access to company networks.

From a management perspective IT administrators are able to authorize RDP sessions and devices while on the go through real-time alert notifications issues either through SMS or email. To learn more about RDP Lifeline, click here.

Continued Innovation

PC Matic will consistently strive for continued innovation in the cybersecurity space. As cyber threats continue to evolve PC Matic believes cybersecurity software must do the same. Complacency is not an option.

Therefore, PC Matic promises to continue to strive for greatness in the cybersecurity industry. PC Matic customers and their security are top priority, and as hackers continue to evolve their methods, PC Matic will advance their methods of protection.

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