Brave New World

There Are Defining Moments In History

My uncle told me a long time ago that my generation didn’t understand sacrifice. We’d never seen anything that tested our character. Then Columbine happened, and 9/11, then a war and an economic recession, and now a world wide pandemic keeping us quarantined and away from each other all within approximately two decades.

Sometimes he and I joke now that he jinxed us (he doesn’t believe in that.) But there’s no denying that each of these events has brought me out on the other side a different person. The light at the end of the tunnel isn’t a return to normalcy, but a return to some semblance of relief. Those aren’t the same thing.

When the danger has passed, we’re going to return to some semblance of relief. It won’t be the normal we knew before, but embracing change doesn’t have to be negative. Through this entire ordeal, we’ve learned some things.

Life Before

It’s always easy to look back after the fact and see how life changed from before to after a defining moment. Our tech usage has been steadily increasing for years. Remote workers were becoming more common and virtual meetings graced board rooms across the globe.

Our connection through social media, mobile devices, and messaging apps made it easy and inexpensive to text a relative in the UK or present a live tech demonstration to a potential client in Africa. With all these advancements also came more sophisticated cyber criminals. As the criminals became more advanced, our software became more advanced to combat them. Every advancement, good or bad, pushed us toward a greater advancement.

The New Normal

The relief, The New Normal as its been coined, will bring about a change in how we work and interact. Virtual meetings and remote work are here to stay. We’ve seen how productive we can be using modern technological tools. Advancements in both cybercrime and cyber protection will continue to race each other forward. We will travel less but teleconference more.

I wonder what other habits we’ll add to our repertoire, especially post-COVID. Below is a list of some of my suggestions, but please leave a comment to tell us some of your own.

  • Less hand shaking but more friendly gestures
  • More virtual meetings
  • New services or gadgets to facilitate remote work
  • A newfound appreciation for seeing our co-workers face to face
  • Tech innovations for healthy travel
  • More awareness of security threats as companies continue to increase their reliance on technology
  • Tech mobility for working from anywhere
  • Surprise treats to business partners/customers from a delivery service

Technology will connect us even as it keeps us apart, but our ability to work efficiently and effectively through this new tech will make the world even more accessible than it was before. And PC Matic will be there, working our hardest to bring you all the advancements that are in store.

Stay safe and stay healthy, everyone.

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14 thoughts on “Brave New World”

  1. Hell's Dragonfly

    Advancements in technology, as any other advancement, comes with it’s own benefits and dangers. Improved communication, accumulation of knowledge and rapid information sharing versus reduced privacy, decreased freedom of speech and freedom of movement. Both governments and companies (Google, Facebook,Twitter, YouTube) are both guilty of abuses of power and selective censorship. Only constant vigilance by freedom loving individuals willing to resist and fight for their freedoms can prevent a totalitarian takeover of our Constitutional Republic.

  2. Larry Blanscett

    The COVID 19 scare is exposing forces who want to reduce the human race to workers and grasp worldwide power. They have always been there but have tried to remain in the background. Now they are shouting for the sake of your safety, let us take your freedoms. One of the changes will be a division of those who want to take over and those who want to remain more than a tool of exploitation. The internet will keep us awake. .

  3. I really enjoyed this page and the remarks people left on it too. I was impressed by the personal response from PC Matic to the lady who ran into trouble paying. It’s nice for a well known company to personally interact with customers.

  4. The nine most dangerous words as quoted by President Ronald Reagan:
    “We’re from the government and we’re here to help.”

    Beware my friends.

    1. Raymond Bernard

      Mary, I recently retired from tech companies like HP, Oracle & Microsoft. A BSEE hardware & Software developer as well as a top sale consultant I have learned a few thing about technology uses and about people. Remote working also requires accountability and new management skill set. Not everyone operates in an independent environment, such as “Driver-Drivers”. The other factor, is we need to personnally connect with our co-worker & clients to know what drives them so we can support them and their needs and help them be successful in work & in life. Technology is a great tool for increasing our social impact in our job and in the world.

  5. There is going to be a major push back against technology. It will not be a new Luddite movement but one lead by technocrats that were shocked by how fast tyrannical elements around the world exploited the Covid-19 pandemic to advance control and surveillance systems. It will be lead by technocrats because they are the only ones who can see beyond the “we are doing this for your safety” BS to what these systems can really do and why certain people are pushing them.

    1. Agreed, “never let a crisis go to waste”. This contact tracing via our phones is a major overreach and just another attempt to take away our privacy. “Oh, did you go to a gun store on Tuesday? we would like to talk to you”

    2. Christie Frenchie

      I agree that this world-wide war with a disease will change and limit our personal freedoms justified by “for the common good.” There will be future attempts by countries, aggressive power mongers to gain power with the use of viral/disease based warfare. As a gardener, I foretell plant-based and insect invasions that destroy ecosystems and food production.

    1. An RDP port, if enabled, allows for users to remote into their devices from other devices or other locations. However, this means others can as well if they have the credentials. If you do not use it, it should be disabled for security purposes.

  6. I was trying to buy the lifetime pc matrix protection with my debit card. I put in my card information and the my card number box became a different color not accepting my payment all the way through , it did it go through? I had to get out and close my computer and turned it off. My name is Sally Ortiz . Please email me a phone number I can call tomorrow to make sure my lifetime request to protect my computer from viruses is complete. I don’t want to turn my new computer I bought out of the box til I speak to a representative that I’m protected .

    1. Hi Sally,
      You should have received an email confirming if the payment went through or if there were any issues. If you did not receive this, please reach out to our support team at — our support team is available seven days a week to assist you further. Thank you!

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