SMBs Still Paying Ransoms

Ransoms Paid In Lieu of Proper Planning

Four months into 2020 and a lot of things have changed. A lot of things, except the fact that businesses are still paying ransoms. Almost half of all SMBs are still dealing with ransomware attacks and 73% of those attacked are paying the ransom.

Many companies admit to not having a security plan. Even those with a plan are using outdated technology. Blacklist protection went out with visible lip liner and tamogatchis, yet many corporations with sensitive data are still using the blacklist.

Better Protection

Despite the product you use (*cough*ShouldBeAWhitelist*cough*) there are options to layer your security. PC Matic offers a Ransomware Lifeline as an extra layer of defense against cyber criminals creeping around in the ether of the internet. Products like Ransomware Lifeline work together with your current AV to build up those walls of protection.

This would be a great addition to any SMB’s security platform, especially since a whopping 46% of them are still getting hit. Creating, implementing, and sticking to a proper security plan keeps productivity at a high. It also gives customers a sense of ease knowing their data isn’t at risk.

Additional Measures

Additional measures to add to a security plan include two factor authentication, proper password hygiene, and phishing education for employees to name a few. Human error is always possible even with a great security product. Making sure employees are implementing what’s been put into place will increase security measures immensely.

In the end, having top notch products, services, and education as an SMB is going to benefit you no matter what. Let’s try to lower those numbers and keep your business running smoothly.

For more information about PC Matic’s Ransomware Lifeline, visit us here.

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1 thought on “SMBs Still Paying Ransoms”

  1. Thanks PCMatic for keeping my PC’s running smoothly and not having to worry about ransomware, etc. You guys are great! I still need to get my wife’s Mac laptop on PCMatic. I’ve been a bit apprehensive about doing so, because she uses it for her work online and I don’t want to cause any glitches regarding her ability to to keep working. Probably won’t cause any problems, but it just seems like anytime we change anything on the computer, there are unintended consequences.

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